Student Advisory Committee December 2016 Report


Below you will find an outline of what took place during the December Student Advisory Committee meeting on December 17, 2016. Michael Bradford-Calhoun of the SED took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

Keep Striving!

—December SAC – Minutes 12/17/2016—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: no representative
    • North Central: Justin Jensen – VP for Programs
    • Northeast: Shanon Rubin – VP
    • Southeast: Michael Bradford-Calhoun – President
    • Southwest: George Ishii – President
    • Western: Mitch Mikuchonis – President & Alyssa Maher – VP
  • District Updates
    • Midwest: n/a
    • North Central
      • Finalizing Convention plan
      • Winter meeting here soon
    • North East
      • Still looking for location for convention
      • Winter Council MLK weekend in Lancaster, PA
      • Focusing on precinct meetings
      • Future discussion on how to get students more involved
    • Southeast
      • Convention Plan turned in
      • Winter Council MLK Weekend
      • DLC February 11th @ Vanderbilt
      • Moving to Convention Center system after this year for District Convention
      • Honda Battle of the Bands – Atlanta, GA Jan 28th
      • Big event for bands and KKPSI will have a table present
    • Southwest
      • Convention Plan in
      • MLK weekend for Winter Council
      • Spring chapter leadership workshops
      • Application for students to present at workshops
    • Western
      • Moving forward with DLC – 13-15th
      • District Officers getting to speak with prospective candidates
      • Marching Band setting for their music workshop block
      • NIB recording possibilities at district events
      • WDC planning
      • Western District Ensemble Clinic – inviting high schools to come sit with the reading band
      • Jazz Band – up and running
      • Seeking host chapter for 2018
  • SAC Topic #1: How can both the district and national levels better prepare and encourage students to get to national convention?
    • Getting people to NatCon
      • Bussing for NatCon
        • ZK Chapter – Texas A&M Commerce, hired chartered buses that would pick up other chapters to go to NatCon.
      • Start a savings plan
    • Evaluating the difference of District or NatCon for chapters to understand what they should go to and why
    • Make sure Districts are getting information about District and NatCon out now
    • Circulation of ideas to get people to District Conventions and explain how it is different from a national convention
    • Rotating Facts about National Business to help Chapters know what will be discussed and have this regularly communicated in the lead up
  • National Council Updates
    • Alabama A&M Colony will be installed after the new year.
    • Submit any questions, comments, or concerns to be discussed at the National Council’s Winter Council Meeting by January 10th!
    • A lot of chapters missed the December 1st deadline! Redouble efforts to ensure deadlines are being met by your consitutent chapters!
  • District Feedback/Concerns
    • George asked about OMRS and how it is updated from one year to the next
      • This is largely on the chapters as there is not standard officer corps make up or way they can be reached.
      • George mentioned it would be nice having chapters with unified messaging accounts across their officers
        • Zac gave examples of how some chapters do this with officer email accounts and such. This comes down to effectively doing chapter transitions.
        • This is where district councils can focus on building and maintaining databases that can be leveraged.
  • Announcements and Wrap up
    • Applications for national office are due January 15th!
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