Coping with Cancellations/Closures and Managing Your Wellness

Dear Brothers,

These are confusing and tough times. As we adjust to this new normal of closures and cancellations, we want to assure you that your safety and health are our top priorities. The recent changes in our organization’s programming and across campuses throughout the nation are leaving many with strong emotions. We want you to know that it is ok to feel anxious and stressed. If you have been forced to unexpectedly leave your campus and to disengage from your community, then you may be experiencing fear and anger. It is ok to feel this way. Some of our graduating seniors may be feeling disheartended because they didn’t get to attend their last convention or concert – there’s no closure. It is ok to feel this way. These are natural reactions that we are all coping with. The important thing to note is that everyone reacts differently to change and uncertainty.

As many of our Active members are transitioning to online classes, we wanted to share with you some practices that can help you cope with these changes and manage your wellness. These suggestions were collected from several articles, including the NIH, NPR, and various wellness sites.

Build a Schedule and Routine

  • Going from in-person classes to all online courses can be difficult for some. You may experience restlessness and anxiety because it is different and not what your brain/body is used to. Some may be stressing out because they don’t have internet at home to even take online classes. Whatever it is that you have to do to adjust to these changes, try to build a schedule that reflects your normal routine. It may seem enticing to try to take all your classes in one sitting or to wait until later, but this could lead to burnout or further procrastination. One strategy is to time block all of your classes and set timers for each class.

Make Time to Unwind and Relax

  • Without the breaks and physical movement between classes, it is important that you make time to unwind and relax. This means something different for each person. It could mean take a quick nap, taking a walk, or listening to music. Whatever it is that helps you unwind, try to make time in your daily schedule to relax. You may feel the need to take more breaks as you adjust to your new environment and that is ok. Give yourself the time to adapt and learn. 

Practice Healthy Habits and Self-Care Activities

  • More than likely, your environment will be different from what you are used to at college. It is important that you take the time to make a list of healthy habits and self-care activities you want to practice in your new space. Even if this is back at home or in your regular living space, being stuck inside and staring at one primary screen is difficult for most people. One important example of a healthy habit is maintaining a regular eating and sleeping schedule. 

Maintain Awareness of Safety Recommendations

  • Most of our student members are safe and healthy and we hope to keep it that way. It is extremely important that everyone maintain a healthy awareness of COVID-19 and preventative measures. You can visit the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health to check out their safety recommendations. This generally includes practicing social distancing, consistent hand washing, and avoiding crowded areas. It is also important to point out that it is healthy to limit your exposure to general news coverage on COVID-19 and to double-check your sources.

Stay Connected and Engaged

  • Being removed from your community is never easy to cope with. Luckily, we have access to some pretty powerful tools that you can leverage. It is important for your health to practice interconnectedness. Utilize social media, video calls, and phone calls to stay connected and engaged with one another. We are social creatures and just because events/classes are canceled doesn’t mean that our relationships should be too. 

We recognize that for many college students campus is the only safe space they have. This makes life harder to adjust to when you don’t have the resources or space to take care of yourself. There are no easy solutions to these issues, but there are people out there that can help you. If you need help, please reach out to fellow Brothers and community members. At the end of the day, the most important concern for your National Council is your safety and health. We are here for you and we want to help.

If you need someone to talk to or help you get connected, please reach out to your National Vice President for Student Affairs, Bang Co. If you feel that you need to or would like to speak to a professional, there are several resources at your disposal. Here are a couple that you can try today:

Crisis Text Line – Text “HOME” to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. Crisis Text Line serves anyone, in any type of crisis, providing access to free, 24/7 support and information via a medium people already use and trust: text.

SAMHSA HOTLINE – Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357), (also known as the Treatment Referral Routing Service) or TTY: 1-800-487-4889. SAMHSA’s National Helpline is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service (in English and Spanish) for individuals and families facing mental and/or substance use disorders.


Bang T. Co

National Vice President for Student Affairs

(317) 370-6057


Read more about Convention Cancellations.

Read more about Chapter Operations During COVID-19 Statement.

Student Advisory Committee November 2019 Report

Brothers –

Below you will find an outline of the Student Advisory Committee’s meeting on November 15, 2019. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

With much love,


—November SAC – Minutes 11/15/2019—

  • Attendance – please list your name and position below
      1. Bang Co – VPSA
      2. Jessica Lee – VPCM
      3. Hunter Murphy – WD President
      4. Oliver Kou – WD MaL
      5. Ema Alexander- NED President
      6. Ben Tuttle – NCD Sec/Treas
      7. Mali Glaister – MWD Sec/Treas
      8. Brianna McKinzie – SED President
      9. Jack Gornick – NCD VPM
      10. Jessica Needham – SED VPP
      1. Questions? – Seeing none
  • National Council Updates/Announcements
    1. Iota Nu (Jessica)
      • Western District was not on the email list
      • Ema did not receive this email either
      • Hunter saw the email but didn’t see the WD listserv on the recipient list
      • The DPs will receive any status change to a chapter within their district
      • Brianna did not receive the second clarification email
      • Jessica Needham: Brothers brought up a concern about the Facebook post being made; Brothers were being approached for interviews and had not received news yet. 
      • Posting of news on social media seen as “public lynching”
      • People were concerned about how the university “not knowing” about the closing of their chapter.
    2. Centennial Day (Jessica)
      • Nov. 27, 2019
      • Scroggs was moved to Stillwater, OK
      • Ceremony in the graveyard – live-streamed
      • Ceremony for Founders Day – live-streamed
    3. Month of Musicianship
    4. Chapter Summary Report
      • Alpha Alpha / Nevada / No money submitted  — Still waiting on University issued check
      • Alpha Tau / Texas / Signatures and late fees missing  — Waiting on signatures and late fees
      • Eta Pi / Northern Iowa / DOB approval, late fees, signatures   — Pending receipt of remaining fees, late fees, and signed summary page
      • Gamma Eta / New Mexico State / Need more money   — Pending receipt of remaining fees, late fees, and signed summary page
      • Iota Kappa / Boise State / Waiting on check from school to be processed  — Still waiting on University issued check
      • Iota Mu / Kentucky State / More money needed, and late fees  — Pending receipt of remaining fees and late fees
      • Mu Pi / Oregon / No money submitted  — Pending receipt of fees (late fees waived if submitted within few days of 1/11/19)
    5. Fall Activity Report
        • CA question to be changed – when? ASK AARON!!!
  • VPSA Updates
      1. Communications Team – Content Calendar
      2. VPSA Media – What is coming up?
        1. KKPsi TV
        2. VPSA chats: monthly
          1. Last month: Month of Musicianship Prep
          2. It’s on YouTube now!
          3. Upcoming: Self-care
        3. KKPsi Presents
          1. Have you listened?
          2. Alternating between member interviews and national updates
  • District Updates
      1. Upcoming Events
        1. MWD
          1. Fall District Day is next weekend
          2. Convention hotel contract was signed
        2. NED: 
          1. One on Ones still in progress
          2. Reaching out for FAR
          3. Month of Musicianship feature for NED
          4. Alumni Speaker Series
        3. NCD
          1. Russell attended Alpha Beta’s First Degree – 20 Brothers from other chapters were in attendance
          2. DLC – very successful; invited Greg Boike; 17 Brothers
          3. District Liaison program is starting up
          4. Online workshop on music
        4. SED
          1. Centennial Web Series on Sunday!! Please invite all of your chapters! 
          2. After the Web Series we will begin charts again 🙂
          3. We’re getting all set up for Winter Council
        5. SWD
          1. </3
        6. WD
          1. Had a great Pre-Con
          2. Gearing up for an informal event in January 
          3. Doing a cool fundraiser for MofM 
            1. Collective practice-a-thon
          4. States days hosts confirmed 
            1. Going to set dates soon 
          5. District programming 
            1. Snarky’s Challenge
      2. Upcoming Deadlines
        1. FAR – BEFORE DEC. 1ST
      3. Common Questions/Issues
        1. Updates on Inner Circle and Founder’s Circle?
        2. Travel money – where the money at???
  • SAC Topic #1: Visioning and Goal Setting (***SAVE FOR NEXT MEETING***)
  • SAC Topic #2: Convention Planning (***SAVE FOR NEXT MEETING***)
  • What can I and/or the National Council do to help you?
    1. Ask Aaron about email listservs

Student Advisory Committee October 2019 Report

Brothers –

Below you will find an outline of the Student Advisory Committee’s meeting on October 16, 2019. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

With much love,


—October SAC – Minutes 10/16/2019—

  • Attendance – please list your name and position below
    • Bang Co – VPSA
    • Evan Choy – NED VP
    • Will Johnston- NED MaL
    • Gillian Jinkins -SED VPM
    • Atia Aroonsakulwongse – SED Sec/Treas
    • Garret Gardenhire – SWD Pres
    • Andy Cifuentes – SWD MAL
    • Ema Alexander- NED President
    • Brianna McKinzie – SED President
    • Ashley Nowikowski – SWD Sec/Treas
    • Jordan Barnes – NED HAL
    • Jessica Needham – SED VPP
  • Review/Discuss Previous Minutes
    • Questions?
  • National Council Updates/Announcements
    • Working on finishing tasks from the past biennium  
    • Wanting to help educate brothers and band directors about hazing concerns
  • VPSA Updates
      1. Communications Team – Content Calendar
        1. Being Consistent & Proactive (i.e. Mental Health Day & Coming Out Day)
        2. If there’s things that we think is important, PLEASE let VPSA know so it can be added to the calendar.
        3. Goal: Send this calendar out to chapters so chapters have some start grounds for content.
      2. VPSA Media – What is coming up?
        1. KKPsi TV
          2. Again, let them know if there’s topics to cover (how to sign up for an email, for example)
        2. VPSA chats: monthly
          1. Last month was recruitment & membership ed
          2. It’s on YouTube now!
          3. Upcoming: Month of Musicianship Prep
        3. KKPsi Presents
          1. It’s baaaack. 
          2. It gets a student/Brother voice and story. Showcase the student level.
          3. Working to make it more consistent – Goal is two per month.
  • District Updates
      1. Upcoming Events
        1. MWD
          1. Convention site and date all going well
          2. Social media is going well. Snail mail has been a hit here!
        2. NED: 
          1. One on One meeting starting this week!
          2. We have a Convention Site and Date!
        3. NCD – none
        4. SED
          1. Online Centennial workshop series!! 
          2. Only 3/47 Chapters late for Chapter Personnel Reports
          3. We have a VPM!! Yay Gillian!
          4. Eta Eta Colony Dates! (10/20/19 1st, 11/3/19, 2nd, 11/24/19, 3rd)
        5. SWD
          1. We have a Convention Date!
          2. Began The Charge
          3. Assembling a Standing History and Traditions Committee
          4. Website changes are …. coming
        6. WD – none
      2. Upcoming Deadlines
        1. none!
      3. Common Questions/Issues
        1. VPMs with Membership Candidate Registration Forms being delayed from CPR?
          1. Chapters should be safe; the committee is aware of this though!
  • SAC Topic #1: Social Media Guidelines & Chapter Social Media Info Collection Form
      1. Give feedback on the guidelines
      2. Future brand ambassadors program to come
      3. Common issues to keep an eye on: being mindful of Secrets, incorrect usage of crest, not using correct colors, not using correct sizing for images
      4. Take screenshots so it can be added to a database for the future. 
      5. Chapter Mascots with Crest? (Bang is checking on this question)
      6. Being mindful too about chapter’s using university logos
      7. Snapchats/Instagram takeovers may need separate outlines
  • SAC Topic #2: Month of Musicianship
      1. Clarifying expectations and what to do
      2. Making a hashtag! 
        1. Districts – push the national hashtag, but you are HIGHLY encouraged to still create your own district hashtags too. (i.e. SWD’s #TheCharge)
      3. Template “Music/Band is ___ to me” – inviting a more emotional/vulnerable response
      4. VPSA Chat for this potential – what are chapters doing/what does it mean to you?
      5. Please reach out if you’re interested – questions to come for prep!
      6. Month of Musicianship Checklist (SED inspired suggestion?)
  • What can I and/or the National Council do to help you?
      1. Will nationals be releasing anything to celebrate the centennial? 
        1. A mini version of what was done at natcon for chapter centennials
        2. Looking for a ceremony or something to do for the National Centennial
      2. Updates on Founders Circle/Inner Circle
        1. Revisions being made on Inner Circle 
          1. should be released by the end of the year
        2. Founders Circle more updates around February
          1. Looking specifically keep secrets safe so where to put it 
        3. Students lovingly nudge.
  • Announcements – none
  • Celebrate WINs
    1. Ashley is going to be published!
    2. Jacob will be at a BOC regional staff member!
    3. Annual Audition workshop was a huge success from Gillian!
    4. Atia – Homecoming week, football team is partnering with the children’s hospital, adorable tradition!

Student Advisory Committee September 2019 Report

Brothers –

Below you will find an outline of what took place during the September Student Advisory Committee meeting on September 13, 2019. Ema Alexander of the NED took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

With much love,


—September SAC – Minutes 9/13/2019—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: Sam Faulkner – VPM, Jenn Taylor – Governor
    • North Central:  Russell House – President, Jack Gornick – VPM, Jenna Jansa – VPP, Ben Tuttle – Sec/Treas
    • Northeast: Ema Alexander – President, Evan Choy – VP, Will Johnston – MAL, Bill Welch – Governor
    • Southeast: Jessica Needham – VPP, Atia Aroonsakulwongse Sec/Treas
    • Southwest: Hannah Cheeseman – VPM 
    • Western:Hunter Murphy – President, Oliver Kou – MAL
  • District Updates
    • Midwest:
      • District Day (Nov. 23) at University of Nebraska – Omaha
    • North Central
      • Membership Retreat (Oct. 6)
      • Online workshops (virtual)
      • Google Classroom introduction
      • Book Club
    • Northeast
      • Online workshops (virtual)
      • Chapter One-on-Ones
      • New website
      • Standing committees
    • Southeast
      • DLC & MER in February
      • FocuSED Connections – Pen pal program for chapters
      • Reach for the Stars Program starting soon
    • Southwest
      • Histroy & Traditions Committee
      • Publications
      • The Charge – chapters post good examples of service and values
    • Western
      • VPM virtual workshops
      • Centennial
      • Snarky’s Challenge (monthly for chapters)
  • SAC Topic #1: District Communications Plan
    • How are you marketing district events and updates/news?
      • Midwest: Facebook Group, District Website (hopefully), Instagram, and Facebook Page
      • Northeast: Infographics, Flyers, emails, individual contact, officer specific FB groups, public FB and Instagram pages
      • North Central: Posts on District Facebook Page, our email list, Instagram, officer twitter pages
      • Southeast: Facebook group, SED Slack channel, district website
      • Southwest:
      • Western: FB Group but hopefully transitioning to our website, occasionally Twitter
    • What are you doing for follow-up?
      • Midwest:
      • Northeast: Messaging Presidents individually, emailing, repeat posts as big deadlines approach
      • North Central: Individually emailing chapter presidents, or eventually FB messaging/calling them for reports and stuff. Also we ask the Brothers to spread info through word of mouth at their chapters
      • Southeast: FB messaging brothers individually, tagging chapter FB pages, and some emailing
      • Southwest:
      • Western:
    • What are you using to measure your quality of communication methods/strategies?
      • Midwest:
      • Northeast: Made a google doc for contact information for chapter officers. Asked chapters to verify the information was correct by checking a box. This was a visual representation of which chapters are being reached and which chapters are not receiving information.
      • North Central: Have a spreadsheet of chapters with their submission status for forms, but not much in the way of promoting events
      • Southeast: Made a spreadsheet and note which chapters I reached out to, how I reached out, and who I specifically communicated with if relevant. Then noting who has followed through and who needs another reminder
      • Southwest:
      • Western:
    • What does “successful communication” look like in your district?
      • Midwest:
      • Northeast: When brothers interact with posts tagging other brothers which helps us to reach all our followers but additionally brothers who do not follow us. High completion of forms and chapter polls indicate communication is being received well
      • North Central: Brothers showing up to events whether in person or digitally depending on the event and having brothers contribute to our online initiatives
      • Southeast: Communicating messages on several platforms: FB, Insta, Slack, and email
      • Southwest:
      • Western:
    • What are some successful practices?
      • Midwest:
      • Northeast: We post a graphic as deadlines approach that has every chapter and a series of 4 gray bars. We change the bars to green 1 at a time for being, submitted to sponsor, sponsor approved, DOB approved-pending collection of fees, completed. The updated graphics are posted weekly. Often, a brother will see their chapter has 0 gray bars and it promotes an accountability system where they will then personally check with those in the chapter responsible for submitting forms and thus more chapters are filling out forms earlier than the deadline.
      • North Central: Using a promotional schedule so Brothers on the council know when to post on social media (and on which platform) to ensure a regular stream of information
      • Southeast: Using Canva graphics for deadlines
      • Southwest:
      • Western:
    • What are some of your communication goals?
      • Midwest:
      • Northeast: Build relations with chapters and presidents who routinely struggle to respond to district events and district officers
      • North Central: Reach chapters that aren’t at most district events and get to know at least one person in every chapter of the District personally
      • Southeast: Increasing interactions with chapters on social media, continuing to utilize the SM calendar as a council to pre-plan as much as possible so that we aren’t over posting, and Get as much communication through slack as possible
      • Southwest:
      • Western:
  • National Council Updates
    • Deadlines:
      • Chapter Personnel Report (Semester): September 30
      • Chapter Personnel Report (Quarter): October 15
    • We had our first National Council meeting on September 12.
  • VPSA Updates
    • 100-Day Plan
      • Established the Communications Team members
      • Created content calendar
      • KKPsi TV – created Chapter Personnel Report walkthrough video with Ema
      • VPSA Chat (September 24) – recruitment and membership education
      • KKPsi Presents – first episode to be released in October
  • Celebrate WINs
    • Western
      • Parliamentarian, dissolving joint constitution into a handbook
    • Southeast
      • Almost have a VPM
    • Northeast
      • Almost have a convention site

Student Advisory Committee June 2017 Report


Below you will find an outline of what took place during the June Student Advisory Committee meeting on June 12, 2017 Lizzi Pineiro of the SWD took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

Keep Striving!

—June SAC – Minutes 6/12/2017—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: Jesse Granados – President
    • North Central:  Viet Nguyen – VPM, Jacob Boesch – VPP
    • Northeast: Kim Sulahian – MAL
    • Southeast: Frank Marzen – President, Keith Pringle – VPP
    • Southwest: Lizzi Pineiro- VPM, Dino Cardenas – MAL
    • Western: Micky Welther – Sec/Treas, Lyssa Fukuhara – MAL
  • District Updates
    • Midwest:
      • Convention site set; CLC was a great turn out
    • North Central
      • 58 people for their first summer event
    • Northeast
      • Gaining contact info per chapters; fundraising ideas for conventions (national and district)
    • Southeast
      • ‘Slack’ is working well as a communication platform; updating emails per chapter; positions are filling up
    • Southwest
      • National convention push; Instagram revamp
    • Western
      • Joint meeting was a success; positions selected (waiting on announcements)
  • SAC Topic #1: The Road to Wisdom and an update from the Curriculum Committee
    • Robert is making it pretty- almost ready for printing!
    • Teacher-like manuals (student view per page)
    • Reviews and assessments will be available as an option
    • Both manuals will be available at Nat Con to the delegates of that committee
    • Candidates will be able to type AND SAVE!!!
    • Lesson Four Content got cut (for the sake of good teaching and engagement)
    • Keeps the things that matter more important over the others
    • Recording of stop-motion ritual and lessons at Nat Con
    • 3 different lessons will be taught at Nat Con (Wed, Fri, and Sat)
    • Tons of extra materials will be available (PPT etc)
    • There will be assigned Curriculum Advisors per chapter
    • Kim: “How do we still implement tradition?”
    • Edmodo, Google Classroom, Slack for virtual learning communities (contact the curriculum committee if you have other options that may fit this need)
  • National Council Updates
    • Deadlines:
      • Letter of Proxy—July 4
      • Registration—June 15
      • Book hotel ASAP
      • Colonization application May 15—June 30
      • Gold Star Program – award for Military—July 1
      • Outstanding Sponsor—July 1
    • Help with podcast at NatCon—form on website
  • SAC Topic #2: Music and the Ritual
    • Due to secret nature of our ritual, the notes are available on request to verifiable brothers.
  • District Feedback/Concerns
    • Dino: ‘Conditional status (especially concerning fees) during internship semesters’
      • Clarified you only have to REAPPLY after two consecutive semesters
    • Jacob: ‘Pharm student status” 
    • Zac wants to create a communications team to keep cohesive outreach to the brothers
    • Next meeting (briefly) 1 week before Nat Con
    • SAC will be given applications and will pick Most Improved Chapter at Nat Con

Student Advisory Committee May 2017 Report


Below you will find an outline of what took place during the May Student Advisory Committee meeting on May 11, 2017. Alyssa Olsen of the MWD took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

Keep Striving!

—May SAC – Minutes 5/11/2017—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: Alyssa Olsen – VPM
    • North Central: Danielle Francis – President, Viet Nguyen – VPM, Jason Filer – Sec/Treas
    • Northeast: Katie Kelly – President, Miranda Cook – VP, Rebekah Franolich – Sec/Treas, Kim Sulahian – MAL
    • Southeast: Frank Marzen – President, Keith Pringle – VPP, Brianna McKinzie – VPM
    • Southwest: Makenzie Darby – President, Lizzi Pineiro- VPM
    • Western: Lyssa Fukuhara – MAL
  • District Updates
    • Midwest:
      • CLC planning going well, almost finalized
      • Regular council meetings
      • District Convention announced
    • North Central
      • Summer function planning going well
      • VPP interviews
    • North East
      • Now have a full council
      • Meeting to define goals
    • Southeast
      • First council meeting
      • Sent out applications for other positions
    • Southwest
      • Now have a full council
      • Going to have a meeting after finals
    • Western
      • Now have a full council
      • Sent out applications for other positions
      • Having first meetings
  • SAC Topic #1: What do you want to be doing/talking about at NatCon?
    • Is there a schedule?
      • Zac is working on an update
      • Communicating with other National Officers (Jack, etc.)
      • Will have it by the end of the month
      • Possibly starting at 3??
    • Talk on chartering a bus
      • Not enough interest originally
      • Need more interest ASAP for Zac/officers to look into details
      • Bus for Oklahoma and surrounding districts—shared on SAC Facebook page (Makenzie)
        • Village tours- $16,000
        • Red carpet- $16,000
        • AKA: Very expensive—especially if outside “10-hour circle”
      • Ask through the campus—travel, fees, etc.
    • Promotion on District pages
      • Any limits to what we can use from National pictures, logos, etc.?
        • Allowed to use those
        • If you’re unsure, email Robert or call HQ
    • Road to Wisdom Implementation
      • Membership/Ritual
      • National Committee members are meeting in June
      • National Members to attend June SAC Meeting
      • SAC (or at least Presidents) will have time to discuss
      • Can still send information about piloting
    • Ritual Performance and Education Committee
      • Moratorium up this year!
      • Meaningful, purposeful rather than nonsense (as of 10 years ago)
      • Update instructions, preparations page, and “extras”
        • More specific
        • Checklists
        • To be able to be performed with absolutely no prior knowledge
        • Leeway with certain sensitive subjects/actions
      • How to talk about Ritual in chapter
        • After NatCon
      • National and District Rituals should ideally be a good model
        • More rehearsal, choreographing
        • Not last minute
      • Possible workshop at NatCon
      • Knowledge trickle down—National, District, Chapter
      • Submit Jurisdiction and Ritual Changes
      • Post-convention:
        • New Ritual Books sent out
          • Mailed to chapter’s address
          • Cost covered by Nationals
          • Old ones to be discarded (burn, shred, etc.)
        • Curriculum implementation
          • Lots of National support
          • Will take time and adjustments
          • Lizzi said it’s not hard to implement
          • Won’t have to print (saves money)
    • Does a delegate form need to be filled out for each District?
      • Most likely not
    • A District officer can hold a chapter delegate position
    • Are Officers going to be in committees other than the SAC?
      • Most likely not
    • SAC Plans at NatCon (so far):
      • Zac providing all officers in attendance breakfast at the hotel 7-8 am Wed, Fri, Sat
      • Absolutely no business on Thursday
      • Tuesday: 12:30-1:30p
      • Wednesday: 8-9a
      • Friday: 8-10a
      • Saturday: TBA
      • Working on coming up with a leadership workshop/session for SAC
      • One session dedicated to most improved chapter
        • Packets, etc sent as soon as possible
        • Eta and Alpha Eta officers will not be able to participate (they’re nominated)
      • One session on how National organization communicates to districts and chapters
        • Podcasts
          • Charge: listen to the podcasts!!!
      • Face time with National Council
      • District Officers help a lot at NatCon!
        • Still get to have an experience and time outside of meetings
      • Not a huge deal if you aren’t there for the whole convention, and you are not REQUIRED to attend
      • Main source of communication: GroupMe –Yay Zac!!
  • National Council Updates
    • Deadlines:
      • Officer Updates—June 1
      • Chapter Summary Report—June 1
      • Proxy delegate forms—June 1
      • Suggestions for jurisdiction, ritual, etc.—June 1
      • Registration—June 15
      • Book hotel ASAP
      • Colonization application May 15—June 30
      • Gold Star Program – award for Military—July 1
      • Outstanding Sponsor—July 1
      • Initiate Registration—within 30 days
      • Graduating Senior ASAP
    • Help with podcast at NatCon—form on website
  • SAC Topic #2: What are some of the struggles/concerns facing our students today (and how can we as leaders help address them)?
    • Mental Health
      • How to appropriately handle mental health
      • University health center, professors, etc. can do talks/presentations
      • Evan is passionate about this sort of subject
  • District Feedback/Concerns
    • NCD— District-wide recruitment video
        • SAC can participate—Viet will share info

      SWD—communication with chapters has been difficult

      • Facebook
        • District and officer closed pages
        • Have members add new members rather than wait for officer update forms
      • Listserv (email)
      • There are some people who just won’t communicate—it’s okay!

Student Advisory Committee April 2017 Report


Below you will find an outline of what took place during the April Student Advisory Committee meeting on April 18,2017. Viet Nguyen of the NCD took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

Keep Striving!

—April SAC – Minutes 4/18/2017—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: Jesse Granados – President, Alyssa Michelle Olsen – VP, Ahnika LeRoy – Secretary/Treasurer, Tate Williams – Member-at-Large
    • North Central: Danielle Francis – President, Viet Nguyen – VPM, Jason Filer – Secretary/Treasurer
    • Northeast: Katie Kelly – President, Miranda Cook – VP
    • Southeast: Frank Marzen – President, Brianna McKinzie – VPM
    • Southwest: none
    • Western: Dale Ramirez – President, Jenna Jorgensen – VP
  • District Updates
    • Midwest:
      • They are speaking with their TBD council to schedule the Leadership conference. Speak with each chapter in their district to set overarching goals. Early process and hoping to be done early June.
    • North Central
      • Summer FUNction is going smoothly. Event for brotherhood by camping
      • Viet: Membership Chats + Recruitment Video
      • Jason: Speaking with TBS sec tres to talk about fundraising opp.
      • Danielle: Actively looking to fill up VPP spot
    • North East
      • Currently have two vacancy’s, but has 11 applications to get those filled!
      • Having an installation for Dominion College
      • Miranda: Working on a publication
    • Southeast
      • Frank: Focusing on organization. Moving to unify a communication platform. Questions about slack and how they use it for a more professional base
      • Brianna: She crossed just the past semester. She wants to speak with chapters about the new curriculum. They are having two leadership conferences.
    • Southwest
      • no update provided
    • Western
      • Dale: Two vacancies in the district elections. 9 candidates to review. Reevaluating some of the goals as charged by their governors. Corresponding with chapter presidents to involve them to make it to NatCon/submissions as well
      • Jenna: Working with the TBS VP to make a calendar for all important district dates
  • SAC Topic #1:What do we want from our national leadership?
  • What kind of resources do we have to give us regarding to the Road to Wisdom? Is there any extra that’s specifically for the DVPM?
    • This committee will regularly feature members of the curriculum committee to answer your questions and going forward during the implementation period. You will get a crash course training over the curriculum. Depending on what passes at NatCon, we will get all types of information for this curriculum. Chapters will have dedicated point people to help answer questions and facilitate the transition. Edmodo, and all other resources will be available for the district officers. We want to be comfortable speaking with the national officers.
  • Can we get more information on the upcoming changes to the national programs that’s being voted on?
    • We will want to be as transparent as possible and keep all information available to all chapters.
  • What type of communication do we have with national leadership?
    • We have these SAC meetings every month. Don’t be afraid to ask. Reminders and updates will be constant.
  • National Council Updates
    • Just finished all the April 15th deadline for the Keynote speaker and the solo competition. Lots of submissions. Deadline extended. Try to get all the final paperwork in for the chapters regarding NatCon. Graduating seniors, chapter summary reports, etc.. Information for all the deadlines (delegate, fundraising table, etc.,) are on the NatCon website.
    • These SAC meetings are typically held online. We will try and schedule these out as much as we can. These meetings are for current active district officers. We want to do something more with the committee instead of just doing small things at NatCon.
    • Expectation that one per district needs to make it to these meetings. But always remember, we are students first, chapter members second, district officers third.
    • Make sure to keep us updated on when vacancies and dates/locations get decided for district officers and conventions!
  • District Feedback/Concerns
    • NCDVPM Viet wants to keep contact with MWD and NED to try and increase district relations’
    • MWD Pres wants to know how to keep contact with their own district officers. Slack? GroupMe? Email?
      • SED is trying Slack this year, but other district utilize GroupMe and Facebook a lot.
    • All of the district officers in attendance are going to NatCon! Great time for us to meet the faces of Nat officers.

Student Advisory Committee March 2017 Report


Below you will find an outline of what took place during the March Student Advisory Committee meeting on March 9, 2017. Si Si Ni of the WD took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

Keep Striving!

—March SAC – Minutes 3/9/2017—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: none
    • North Central: none
    • Northeast: Kylie Wolfe – President, Shanon Rubin – VP for Membership, Miranda Cook – Secretary/Treasurer, Helen Landers – Historian/Alumni Liaison
    • Southeast: Jerome Hall – Secretary/Treasurer, Evan Schlameuss – VP for Programs
    • Southwest: George Ishii – President, Arjun Jeetan – MAL
    • Western: Alyssa Mayer – Vice President Si Si Ni – Sec/Treas
    • National Leadership: Evan Thompson, Zac Humphrey, Ken Corbett(Curriculum Committee)
  • District Updates
    • Midwest
      • no update provided
    • North Central
      • no update provided
    • North East
      • Convention is next weekend!
      • People have the opportunity to record materials for NIB
      • Members will learn about the history of the convention site
      • There will be a talent show on Friday of convention
      • There will be a ceremony for the Brother we lost from Clarion
    • Southeast
      • Convention is 3 weeks away!
      • Road to SED
      • There will be descriptions about chapters in the SED
      • There will be guest presenters
      • The applications for District Officers have been sent out, but only 5 people have submitted packets so far
      • SED will have a student conductor for the reading band
      • Funds
        • Chapter Regalia Fund
        • SEDAA is offering scholarship funds
    • Southwest
      • no update provided
    • Western
      • Excited for WDC – 2 weeks from now
      • Offered 10 registration grants ($45 to each recipient)
      • Bro/Sis week leading up to WDC – shows appreciation between Brothers and Sisters. Includes themed days
      • There will be studios available to record for NIB
      • WDEC – Western District Ensemble Clinic
        • The district is inviting high school students to play in the reading band of Brothers and Sisters. This promotes KKPsi/TBS to the local high schools
      • Virtual 5K-fundraiser for National Convention
        • Each chapter is encouraged to set up their own website and have proceeds from registrations go towards the chapter travel fund to help members attend Natcon 2017 and future national convention
  • SAC Topic #1: Curriculum Development Update with Evan Thompson and Ken Corbett, members
    • National Curriculum
      • Comments from pilot chapters are helpful
      • At each district convention, there will be an opportunity to introduce the framework of the curriculum followed by a Q&A session
      • Looking at the new few weeks, the committee will organize pilot chapters to answer questions at convention
      • The committee will meet in April and June to review more feedback from students
      • All of the information will go to the Colonization and Membership Committee at National Convention
      • Some of the components of the new MEP includes:
        • Project-Based Learning (Portfolio)
          • The goal is to instill innovation and creativity among chapters
        • Rationale Document – purposes of KKPsi
      • Discussion on the National MEP
        • The WD only has one pilot chapter. What additional projects could chapters do with the new MEP?
          • Evan: There are guidelines for the interview process that are specific to the size of the chapter (i.e. more than / less than 30 members)
            • Candidate class interviews as a group
            • The national MEP provides the structure from the risk/liability standpoint
          • Zac:
            • Chapter identity is important, but we are Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi
            • Encourage the membership committee to reach out to the National Curriculum Committee
          • Could lesson orders change?
            • When proposed at Natcon 2015, the committee recommended a specific order for 2 lessons:
              • Orientation have to be before initiation
              • Lesson 8 be given after 3rd Degree
            • The approach for the new MEP goes against the societal norms of being so focused on testing. WHY should we continue that in KKPsi? – which is why we are throwing that out
              • Focus on bringing quality members in the process and then help refine them as Brothers
              • The membership selection process should be the hardest part, not the education itself
              • It would be as rare as seeing Big Foot to not vote someone through
            • How can we gauge the success of the membership candidates?
              • Learning outcomes
                • The MC’s should be able to complete these. There are goals/expectations for what they should be able to get out of the lesson
                • They are at the beginning to explain to the candidates what they are going to learn
              • ED Moto – professional learning community for VPMs
                • The VPMs will automatically be on the roster for ED Moto after filling out the Chapter Summary Report
                • There are detailed lesson plans for how Nationals recommend your chapter teach each lesson
              • MC Reflection
                • Discussion with the membership class about what they learned
              • Initiate registration will be submitted before 1st
                • Should there be any changes, the president will be responsible for the revision of the document by removing the candidate name and providing reason(s) for the leaving of the candidate
                • This is helpful in case there is an incident on campus, nationals know exactly which members are membership candidates
              • It doesn’t have to be the VPM alone who is responsible for the education process. They should be the facilitator of the process. They will administer the high quality discussions of these candidates.
              • Brothers are there to model what being a Brother entails, not to think for the candidates.
  • National Council Updates
    • The VPSA page exists now with new and improved features!
      • It has a player built in to play podcasts
      • There’s a link to the page of all podcasts
      • RSS feed for council updates
      • RSS feed for SAC
      • Town Hall Buttons – help fuel conversations during town hall
      • FAQ section will be fully functional by National Convention
    • Service Conversation prior to convention
      • In April – soft launch for the Month of Service
        • Encourages chapters to take on/share an innovative project in the spring
        • There might be a competition aspect (awards involved)
          • Coverage of Delegate fees at National Convention
    • Survey feedback
      • Use data for 5-year leadership development plan and membership dues
      • Length of Survey
        • Some of the longer surveys might prevent people from completing the form
        • Increase the number of shorter surveys might increase participation, which also increases exposure for the topics

Student Advisory Committee February 2017 Report


Below you will find an outline of what took place during the February Student Advisory Committee meeting on February 12, 2017. Si Si Ni of the WD took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

Keep Striving!

—February SAC – Minutes 2/12/2017—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: none
    • North Central: Danielle Francis – Sec/Treas
    • Northeast: Shanon Rubin – VP for Membership
    • Southeast: Evan Schlameuss – VP for Programs
    • Southwest: George Ishii – President, Arjun Jeetan – MAL
    • Western: Si Si Ni – Sec/Treas
    • National Leadership: Jack Lee, Marco Krcatovich, Zac Humphrey, Jessica Lee (Curriculum Committee)
  • District Updates
    • Midwest
      • no update provided
    • North Central
      • Block presentation
        • More attendance from the norther school
      • Large number of people registered for convention
    • North East
      • 2/3 precinct meetings
      • Central – end of January
      • Northern precinct – next week
      • Both had 150-200 people attend
      • Registration is up on the website!
      • The workshops for convention are being planned beautifully.
    • Southeast
      • DLC was at Vanderbilt

        • Attendance was higher than usual
      • Website for SED convention is up!
      • New chapter in the district! Iota Nu – Alabama A & M

        • 75% of Iota Nu
    • Southwest
      • Convention planning is under way
      • Workshop season began yesterday
      • Accepting submissions to the district publications
    • Western
      • DLC – UCLA helped the district council gain a better understanding of the district to better-prepare WDC.

        • Attendance was higher than previous years.
      • Presidents are working efficiently in their planning for WDC.

        • Website and registration are both up!
      • The guidebook app used for DLC will make its reappearance at WDC to be a more efficient form of communication and cut down the costs by not printing excessively.
  • SAC Topic #1: Curriculum Development Update with Jessica Lee, member of the Curriculum Development Committee
    • Now onto 2nd round of pilot chapters
    • Currently using Ed Moto – interface similar to Facebook

      • Posts for chapters to access
      • A way to communicate to VP of pilot chapters
    • The committee met in January for updates.
    • Now beginning the refinement process

      • Feedback from Dos is really important
    • Committee will meet in April

      • Weekly feedback form on each lesson
      • Review feedback
      • Something different this time
    • After the meeting in April, committee will meet in June
    • Candidate guidebook & Teaching manual format
    • Finalized draft in June, then sent to committees for review at National Convention
    • One member from Curriculum will be present at every district convention
    • Goal: Ask pilot chapters to speak during the Curriculum presentation time block
    • Feedback

      • Chapters actually have a lot of control of the product (MEP)
      • Curriculum Committee development the content guideline (minimum)
      • Activities (in alignment with their policies) are up to chapter discretion.
      • Understand the values of Kappa Kappa Psi as an organization
      • Misconception:
    • At TMEA – Texas Southern might pilot
    • Q&A

      • Portfolio/project option
      • Memorizing information isn’t conducive
      • Rubric for discussion questions
      • Tests are not the best way to measure success.
      • Live the values of the organization
      • More MC responses
      • Activities
      • Should recruiting members that have the qualities of a members
      • Recommended votes after every degree
      • Learning disabilities/Dyslexia
      • Values based education
      • Rubric for vice presidents for evaluations
      • Think about the qualities you want to see in a Brother
      • How do we “measure” the success of a membership candidate without tangible data (i.e. tests/quizzes)?
      • Why do we need a test to be a standard?
    • Listen to Zac’s last two podcasts!

      • Upcoming podcast: Membership Selection

        • Recruit quality members and then think of the MCs as Actives in training rather than probationary members.
    • Email Jessica at or for any questions you may have
  • National Council Updates
    • Homework for March Meeting:

      • Reach out to chapters that piloted the National MEP
      • Find out what their concerns are
      • What they like/dislike
      • This helps prepare the National Curriculum committee prepare for National Convention
    • Chapter Leadership Finalists

      • Chapter leadership finalists will be announced on 2/13/17
      • There will be a press release on campus announcing
      • There are leadership finalists in every district!
      • Let these chapters know they’re outstanding!
      • There will be feedback in town hall to be thinking about in the future.
    • If you don’t know which national officers are attending your district conventions, ask Zac for the complete list.
    • (Shamelessly) Plug the Kappa Kappa Psi Presents podcasts
    • Awards:

      • The national officers will present national awards at district conventions.
      • These are awards that students can apply for.
    • Three Colonies

      • Jarvis Christian College
      • Old Dominion  
      • Cal Poly – Pomona
  • SAC Topic #2: Alumni Involvement: What does it currently look like and what would you like to see when you become an alumni?
    • Western District shared that there is very little encouraged alumni involvement and that there is actually some exclusion happening. Would love for more positive ways for alumni involvement.
    • The NED shared that they have a good relationship with their district alumni association. They are used for presenters at conventions and NEDAA presents some awards at convention, but they would like to see more awareness in general re: alumni events on a local level.
    • The SED shared similar experiences re: district alumni involvement but would like to see more alumni focused events similar to active workshops
    • One issue that SWD noted that chapters frequently face is getting updated alumni info from their universities. A lot of time there isn’t good coordination between the chapter and university due to privacy laws. They were wondering if this is something that the national level could help out with?
      • Zac will reach out to HQ and find out if there is more that the national org can do

Student Advisory Committee January 2017 Report


Below you will find an outline of what took place during the January Student Advisory Committee meeting on January 17, 2017. George Ishii of the SWD took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

Keep Striving!

—January SAC – Minutes 1/17/2017—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: Sarah Person – Sec/Treas
    • North Central: Abigail Johnson – VP for Membership
    • Northeast: none
    • Southeast: Ariel Clouse – VP for Membership, Evan Schlameuss – VP for Programs, Jerome Hall – Sec/Treas
    • Southwest: George Ishii – President, Arjun Jeetan – MAL
    • Western: Alyssa Maher – VP, Jake Rocco – MAL
  • District Updates
    • Midwest
      • no update provided
    • North Central
      • Winter Council Meeting week and a half ago
      • Convention in Columbus, Ohio
      • Met all FOUR host Chapters (All chapters located in Columbus)
      • DLC is next Saturday, in Hope,Indiana
    • North East
      • n/a
    • Southeast
      • Winter Council MLK Weekend
      • SED Con 2017 Tampa Florida, University of South Florida
      • DLC at Vanderbilt February 11th
      • Iota Nu Colony at Alabama A&M will be installed
    • Southwest
      • Busy with convention planning
      • Workshop season is about to get underway
        • going to be hosting a signing competition
    • Western
      • DLC – UCLA MLK Weekend (200 People!)
        • Had guest presentations with some National Officers
        • Tailored workshops to the age of the membership
        • Used an app as a digital schedule
        • Carpool Karaoke district-wide compilation video
        • Workshop to help sec/treas plan certain projects, contact for more info
        • Music Leadership Building Project – able to bring up problems and solutions together
  • SAC Topic #1: Do chapters in your district have local dues in addition to national dues? What are they used for and when are they collected?
    • Reach out to Chapters in your District and find out how much their local dues are and what that money goes towards, report back to VPSA
    • How does your own Chapter handle local dues?
      • The total varies per chapter: $5, $40-$50, $100
      • Money goes to:
        • General Service Funds
        • Chapter Polo shirt
        • Buying stoles for graduating seniors
        • Sending Delegates to Convention
        • Candidate Scholarship (pays for dues)
        • Beginning of Year Startup Funds
        • Determined to Chapter Vote
      • Many chapters have payment plans and priority is given to getting national dues in on time.
    • How do you feel about local dues?
      • Chapters should vote to approve local dues
      • Guidelines for payment plans would be welcome
        • Could setup payment plans during the last meetings of the year
          • guidelines for how to set these up would be welcome
      • Service funds should be fundraised by Chapter, local dues are for personal Chapter expenses
  • National Council Updates
    • Met in Orlando, FL for Winter Council at NatCon Hotel
    • Marco and Zac are working on a budgeting tool with Headquarters to get Chapters to NatCon
      • Rough estimate for 4 people in a hotel room for week with registration is $125 for Convention and $132 for hotel room
      • Parking is  $16/day
      • More to be included in the tool
    • February 1st is date for NatCon Website to go live
    • Curriculum Committee
      • Recorded hour and a half of audio for the KKPsi Presents Podcast
      • Will be a part of the National Town Hall at District Conventions
    • 75-80% of the way through budget, on track
    • Due to growth of National Organization, discussion on whether to suspend the automatic dues increase at NatCon
    • KKPsi Presents Podcast to be reformatted into segments
      • Will be asking for submissions from all Brothers about their own stories
    • Awards
      • Jack and Marco have reviewed Leadership Funds
      • Solicitation for Boh Makovsky Award, for an outstanding conductor
      • Gold Star Recognition – Brothers who have served/passed away during Military Service
    • Chapter Petitioning Documents are being scanned into an online database for Chapters to be able to access
  • District Feedback/Concerns
    • Curriculum Pilot Chapter Feedback:
      • Candidates enjoy being able to plan and execute their own fundraiser and service project
      • Has given Candidates a more collaborative and inclusive experience
      • Western District got feedback that they felt they were growing as leaders, but were less sure of the identity of the fraternity
        • lack of focus on chapter, district, and TBS identities
  • Announcements and Wrap up
    • J. Lee Burke are open to all Brothers, not just District Presidents
    • A. Frank Martin given to someone with a regional impact
    • DSMM top award given to someone with life-long contributions to music