Leadership Grant Program

The Kappa Kappa Psi Leadership Grant has been created to promote leadership development and skill training among brothers and band programs in accordance to the mission and values of Kappa Kappa Psi by providing funds to bring one or more individuals to a fraternity event or campus leadership program. This formal application was created to ensure the funding process is transparent and professional.

Obligations of Awardees

Programs that are funded receive a reimbursable grant (the amount of which will be decided in advance by the National Council of Kappa Kappa Psi. The amount will be no greater than $1000). Reimbursements will be released following the submission and approval of proper paperwork and a final report after the program has been completed. These requirements must be completed within thirty (30) days of the conclusion of the program to receive the entire grant.   Grants will only be authorized for events that have not yet taken place as of the approval of the grant application.

Award Criteria and Criteria for National Council Decisions

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The number and variety of programs and events and the reach of the programs.
  • The funded project is centered on the mission and values of Kappa Kappa Psi and helps develop student leaders in chapters and band programs.
  • The funded project demonstrates the skills and talents of the guest presenter(s).
  • The plan to promote program(s) and reach a wide and diverse audience of students.

The National Council of Kappa Kappa Psi will use the criteria above to evaluate grant applications and determine if a grant will be awarded and the amount that will be awarded. The National Council may determine that grants can be evaluated and/or awarded by a unanimous decision of the National Vice President for Programs and National President.

Leadership Grant Categories

  • Chapter(s) Leadership Program – Speaker will present programming for a chapter(s) through formal leadership program open to all members of the chapter(s).   Some activities may be limited to select populations among the chapter(s).
  • College/University Band Member Leadership Program – Speaker will present programming to the college/university band members through a formal leadership program.   At least some portions of the program should be available to all band members and/or students on campus.
  • District Leadership Program – Speaker provides programming at a district event (such as a leadership conference or convention). These speakers should not be members of the National Leadership Team who could be requested to attend the event through regular annual process (including National Council, Board of Trustees, Alumni Association Board of Directors).


  • A complete application form signed by the Chapter President and Director of Bands or District President and Governor.
  • A completed budget sheet for each guest presenter.
  • A timeline of events for all programs.

All materials included and the grant application form must be typed. No hand-written applications will be accepted.


  • An annual amount of $1,000 per district is allotted for leadership speakers that are not members of the National Leadership Team.
  • Funds must be requested for the council year through January 1st. Any funds not requested will be available for additional requests by any District President (notification after Winter Council Meeting).
  • District Presidents may request additional members of the National Leadership Team through a general request. Those requests would be covered by additional Leadership Team travel funds.


Applications will be approved on a rotating basis although limited funds are available each year. Once a decision on the application is made, awarded grantees will be notified first by electronic means and then with a mailed award letter. Applications that are denied will be notified by email, applications can be resubmitted and chapters/districts are encouraged to request information on why the application was denied. Receipts for any funds awarded must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the conclusion of all programming to receive these funds.   That date will be included in all award correspondence.