Strive for 5 – Membership Recruitment Resources

The Importance of Recruiting Quality Members

One of the most essential factors determining the continued success of the Chapter and the Fraternity is the recruitment of new members. As college students, our tenure as active members is limited. Therefore, we need to recognize the importance of bringing new individuals into Kappa Kappa Psi. Recruiting new members ensures that the Chapter and the Fraternity will continue to grow and thrive after we graduate and move on.

While initiating more Brothers to the ranks of Kappa Kappa Psi is important, it is equally important, if not more so, to ensure that we recruit quality members. Therefore, our focus should be on selecting men and women who demonstrate themselves to be outstanding band members. New members should build upon current chapter strengths and increase their leadership potential not only within the chapter but also in the band program.

Remember that choosing new members involves an investment of time, resources, and goodwill. Choosing new members carefully maintains a high level of quality, and often saves time and resources in the long run. Therefore, the Chapter should develop a recruiting plan to identify outstanding individuals for invitation into Kappa Kappa Psi.

Evaluating Potential Recruits

To identify the best individuals within the band program, we suggest that the chapter develop a list of criteria for evaluating potential recruits. It is important that the chapter write this list on paper and distribute a copy to every active member. If the list is written then individuals can refer to the record should any questions arise. The list provided here indicates a few qualities for evaluating new recruits. The chapter is encouraged to expand on this list and keep a written record of their files. Potential recruits should demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Outstanding musicianship
  • Leadership
  • Positive Attitude
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Good work ethic

Passive versus Active Recruitment

Two basic strategies exist for recruiting new members: passive and active recruitment. Passive recruitment occurs when the chapter does not seek out new members. Instead, the chapter waits for new members to approach asking for admittance into the Fraternity. This strategy has sometimes been referred to as the “King’s throne” method. In medieval days, when the King sat on his throne that meant he was ready to listen to ordinary citizens. People would come from miles around for a chance to speak to the King, but only a privileged few would receive the opportunity. Passive recruitment, therefore, refers to the chapter resting on its laurels, while men and women in the band beg for a chance to join. Passive recruitment includes situations in which potential members must seek out Active Brothers for more information about the Fraternity. This is not the type of recruitment strategy Kappa Kappa Psi should employ.

In contrast to the “King’s throne” method is the strategy of active recruitment. Here, members of the chapter vigorously and enthusiastically seek out individuals for membership in the Fraternity. Recruiting becomes a planned activity, and everyone is involved in identifying potential recruits. Teamwork is the operative word in active recruiting because every member has a part in selecting new members. Active Brothers approach potential members giving information about the Fraternity. The candidate can then choose whether to join based on facts. This is the strategy most consistent with the purposes of Kappa Kappa Psi and chapters should utilize this method.

However, keep in mind that passive recruiting occurs even when we are not seeking new members. The image of the chapter and the Fraternity is constantly on display. Our actions and attitudes as members can either boost a positive reputation or reinforce a negative perception. Potential members notice how we handle ourselves as Brothers and our actions influence whether those potential members join and whether we actively recruit them or not.

To effectively utilize active recruiting we need to focus on selecting the best individuals for membership in Kappa Kappa Psi. Individuals demonstrating outstanding leadership skills, quality musicianship, or displaying continuous positive attitudes are all worthy candidates for membership. Our goal as Brothers is to identify these individuals and present them with information about the Fraternity in the hope that they will want to join.