Student Advisory Committee April 2017 Report


Below you will find an outline of what took place during the April Student Advisory Committee meeting on April 18,2017. Viet Nguyen of the NCD took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

Keep Striving!

—April SAC – Minutes 4/18/2017—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: Jesse Granados – President, Alyssa Michelle Olsen – VP, Ahnika LeRoy – Secretary/Treasurer, Tate Williams – Member-at-Large
    • North Central: Danielle Francis – President, Viet Nguyen – VPM, Jason Filer – Secretary/Treasurer
    • Northeast: Katie Kelly – President, Miranda Cook – VP
    • Southeast: Frank Marzen – President, Brianna McKinzie – VPM
    • Southwest: none
    • Western: Dale Ramirez – President, Jenna Jorgensen – VP
  • District Updates
    • Midwest:
      • They are speaking with their TBD council to schedule the Leadership conference. Speak with each chapter in their district to set overarching goals. Early process and hoping to be done early June.
    • North Central
      • Summer FUNction is going smoothly. Event for brotherhood by camping
      • Viet: Membership Chats + Recruitment Video
      • Jason: Speaking with TBS sec tres to talk about fundraising opp.
      • Danielle: Actively looking to fill up VPP spot
    • North East
      • Currently have two vacancy’s, but has 11 applications to get those filled!
      • Having an installation for Dominion College
      • Miranda: Working on a publication
    • Southeast
      • Frank: Focusing on organization. Moving to unify a communication platform. Questions about slack and how they use it for a more professional base
      • Brianna: She crossed just the past semester. She wants to speak with chapters about the new curriculum. They are having two leadership conferences.
    • Southwest
      • no update provided
    • Western
      • Dale: Two vacancies in the district elections. 9 candidates to review. Reevaluating some of the goals as charged by their governors. Corresponding with chapter presidents to involve them to make it to NatCon/submissions as well
      • Jenna: Working with the TBS VP to make a calendar for all important district dates
  • SAC Topic #1:What do we want from our national leadership?
  • What kind of resources do we have to give us regarding to the Road to Wisdom? Is there any extra that’s specifically for the DVPM?
    • This committee will regularly feature members of the curriculum committee to answer your questions and going forward during the implementation period. You will get a crash course training over the curriculum. Depending on what passes at NatCon, we will get all types of information for this curriculum. Chapters will have dedicated point people to help answer questions and facilitate the transition. Edmodo, and all other resources will be available for the district officers. We want to be comfortable speaking with the national officers.
  • Can we get more information on the upcoming changes to the national programs that’s being voted on?
    • We will want to be as transparent as possible and keep all information available to all chapters.
  • What type of communication do we have with national leadership?
    • We have these SAC meetings every month. Don’t be afraid to ask. Reminders and updates will be constant.
  • National Council Updates
    • Just finished all the April 15th deadline for the Keynote speaker and the solo competition. Lots of submissions. Deadline extended. Try to get all the final paperwork in for the chapters regarding NatCon. Graduating seniors, chapter summary reports, etc.. Information for all the deadlines (delegate, fundraising table, etc.,) are on the NatCon website.
    • These SAC meetings are typically held online. We will try and schedule these out as much as we can. These meetings are for current active district officers. We want to do something more with the committee instead of just doing small things at NatCon.
    • Expectation that one per district needs to make it to these meetings. But always remember, we are students first, chapter members second, district officers third.
    • Make sure to keep us updated on when vacancies and dates/locations get decided for district officers and conventions!
  • District Feedback/Concerns
    • NCDVPM Viet wants to keep contact with MWD and NED to try and increase district relations’
    • MWD Pres wants to know how to keep contact with their own district officers. Slack? GroupMe? Email?
      • SED is trying Slack this year, but other district utilize GroupMe and Facebook a lot.
    • All of the district officers in attendance are going to NatCon! Great time for us to meet the faces of Nat officers.
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