Student Advisory Committee October 2016 Report


Below you will find an outline of what took place during the October Student Advisory Committee meeting on October 28, 2016. Abigail Johnson, from the NCD, took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

Keep Striving!

—October SAC – Minutes 10/28/2016—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: no representative
    • North Central: Abigail Johnson – VPM
    • Northeast: Shanon Rubin – VP
    • Southeast: no representative
    • Southwest: George Ishii – President
    • Western: Si Si Ni – Secretary/Treasurer
  • District Updates
    • Midwest: n/a
    • North Central: The NCD successfully hosted Membership Education Retreat, which is the first district event of the academic year. They flew in Jessica Lee to present. They are about to release new Arpeggio publication. Abigail is in the process of meeting with VPM’s and convention plan is coming along. They are now starting to get into planning spring district events.
    • North East: Shanon is Skyping 1-on-1 with VPM’s in the district and setting up times to Skype with MC classes post-2nd degree. He reported that they are not sure about Convention (in the hands of governors and counselors), and that there is a Pennsylvania University system-wide faculty strike. Member at Large is starting theme days next week (first one is leadership) for chapters to organize events pertaining to certain pillars
    • Southeast: n/a
    • Southwest: George reported that convention plan’s are coming together. Now they are taking up submissions for New Alto (publication). They are also working on plans for district service project and fundraiser.
    • Western: Si Si reported that DLC is quickly coming up. They are meeting regularly as a joint council. The joint vision is focusing on leadership stories when they are planning for convention. The District Presidents are meeting to finalize State Days dates, the VPM is meeting VP’s. Working on Southwest Airlines proposal: For every dollar spent by brothers on SW Air, they get 50 points instead of 1 or 2.
  • SAC Topic #1: Month of Musicianship (MoM), pros and cons, what would you like to see out of this national push?
    • Marco joined the conversation for the discussion re: Month of Musicianship.
    • Still have work to do as a fraternity to make Month of Musicianship part of peoples’ minds and lives for November.
    • Goal is for November to be part of the chapter’s culture, something you’re thinking about and excited about.
    • Program started under Derrick Mills as VPP (2005-2007), last year’s participation was really good.
    • Suggestions:
      • Examples of things chapters have sent in before, not just suggestions but actual past submissions.
      • Not quite sure what they’re looking for (community vs. university, what types of things to send in, etc.).
      • What would be the difference between normal chapter musical activities and MoM participation?
      • Highlights reel or feed or something as a daily update/reminder to keep it in people’s minds. Part of making it part of the culture.
      • What does the wrap-up look like, where do we go, what did we learn? Is a bigger questions than can be answered at the end of one month. Want to make it a little more year-round and cultural than an event with an end date.
      • A hashtag would be cool
    • Marco
      • It’s not like turning in an MEP or giving a grade, it’s not mandatory. “What makes this special” is a really good point. MoM started as recognition that for the majority of chapters, musicianship focus was not the norm.
      • Hashtag: #MonthofMusicianship or #NationalMonthofMusicianship
      • The difference between music and musicianship is something nationals talks about a lot – focusing not only on individual musicality but also awareness and appreciation and how you spread that love of music to others.
      • Want to raise awareness of different possibilities for musicianship (chapters utilizing recitals, etc.) and development outside of band class.
    • Zac
      • MoM also evolved as a way to share before social media made that so much more possible. Opportunity to share the great things they’re already doing. Participating in a conversation. “Like an extended twitter chat but in real life”
  • National Council Updates
    • Zac wants DO’s to have an opportunity to take some ownership over, responsibility for, and contribute to the organization through this Committee
      • Want to do things to make our voices heard and give opportunities to share experiences and knowledge and enthusiasm
      • Excited about Podcasts, 1300 downloads, wants them to continue evolving.
    • Marco working on website and MoM
    • Evan has been working with chapters who are piloting the new MEP’s, colony investigation stuff
    • Jack has been planning for NatCon, working with hq on a bunch of things
    • HQ is being rented out by the city of Stillwater to be part of their holiday train tour
  • District Feedback/Concerns
    • Would it be possible to promote the website more? A lot of people don’t know what’s on there or how to find it.
    • Marco has been working with Robert at HQ on the updating the website and ways to promote it.
    • Si Si had a question for the rest of the officers as well as the national council. Professors have office hours. She is thinking about posting a link to a Google hangout during the hour before meetings so she can have open communication with brothers, it would be good for accountability and making officers seem less intimidating.
  • Announcements and Wrap up
    • Month of musicianship is coming
    • Try to share MoM conversation with other officers and with your chapters
    • Sending out Doodle Poll for next month’s meeting
    • Encourage everyone to fill it out!
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