KKPsi Alumni Association Announces The Scott Stowell Alumni Excellence Award

The KKPsi Alumni Association proudly introduces the new Scott Stowell Alumni Excellence Award. The Stowell Award recognizes continuous dedication and service to KKPsi by alumni who are neither elected nor appointed members of the National Leadership. This is the first National award that honors our “unsung heroes” who are not official leaders, but who truly lead us every day.

We have so many alumni who give their time, energy, and spirit by volunteering as advisors, mentors, and role models. They offer professional advice and networking, nurture active Brothers to greater participation, and cement ongoing dedication to our great Fraternity. The example set by Past National President and Trustee Scott Stowell by continuing to advise, lead workshops, educate, inform, and consult exemplifies lifelong dedication and the spirit we all strive for.

The KKPsi Alumni Association will give the award once per year, and winners will be recognized at our National Convention. Brothers may be nominated by chapters, local alumni associations (LAAs), or individual alumni from either KKPsi or TBSigma. Alumni become eligible 5 years after they last held active status. District Governors, National Officers, Trustees, and AAC Members are ineligible until they are out of all leadership positions for at least 2 years.

The nomination process requires a nomination form and a cover letter that address why the nominee exemplifies alumni excellence, and must address the following topics:
1) How does your nominee continuously serve and support the greater Fraternity?
2) How does your nominee continuously support and strengthen the role of alumni?
3) How does your nominee continuously serve and support our active membership?
4) How does your nominee truly take Brotherhood to heart?
5) Does your nominee regularly attend District/National conventions?
6) How does your nominee fit the “What can I do for you” state of mind?

The Alumni Advisory Committee will review submitted nominations and select a winner. Nominees should not be informed of their nomination. The AAC will recognize nominees after a winner is selected. The first nomination deadline is February 15, 2013.

We encourage all of you to think about who you believe exemplifies the spirit of this award. Who do you know that consistently gives without thought of recognition? Who do you know that is worthy of this new honor? Please contact us with your questions at alumni@kkpsi.org. We look forward to your nominations!

Click here to download a Scott Stowell Award nomination form

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