KKPsi Alumni Association launches the Alumni Giving Program

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Honor the tradition of Kappa Kappa Psi with your support for the future of collegiate bands. As alumni of our proud organization, our gifts allow the fraternity to uphold the five principles of our creed and support active and alumni members alike in their goal to always Strive for the Highest!

What is the AGP?

The Alumni Giving Program (AGP) is a donation program designed for alumni Brothers who find monthly contributions to KKPsi more manageable than an annual donation. The AGP is intended to build a “culture of giving” among Brothers of our Fraternity. Whether you’ve given in the past or want to give for the first time, consider supporting the fraternity through the Alumni Giving Program (AGP). Here’s how it works:

  • AGP donations support our National KKPsi Alumni Association, the Trust and General Funds, and by extension the active membership. With less than 18% going to overhead costs, your gifts go far!
  • All monthly recurring donations are billed to your credit/debit card or to your checking account. It’s easy to manage, and easy to budget.
  • Earn Life Membership along the way!

Questions? Feel free to contact the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Advisory Committee at alumni@kkpsi.org

How can you give right now?

Signing up is easy! Click on the Graphic Above and choose your donation level. Enter your checking or credit/debit card information, and that’s it! Your monthly contribution date will be based on the date of the month you enroll. To make changes to your contribution level, call the National Headquarters at (800) 543-6505 and speak with Di Spiva anytime.

How is the AGP different from a regular donation?

Instead of writing checks here and there, or at tax time, Brothers can give smaller amounts each month, automatically, from $19 dollars (in honor of our founding year) to $100 each month. This sustained, regular pattern of giving is a powerful way to show your pride and support for our Fraternity, its ongoing commitment to college bands, and the growth of alumni involvement. In addition, participants will receive an annual statement detailing the 88% of their prior year’s contributions that are tax deductible.

Where does my money go?

Your donation sends 48% to the Trust Fund, 25% to the General Fund, and the balance pays for AA programs and expenses. Your donations support the active membership, build the Trust so programs like the NIB can grow and thrive, and fund programs that specifically serve the needs of alumni Brothers and Life Members.

Giving Levels and Life Member Credits



11 Credits per month 46 Months to earn LM


15 Credits per month 34 Months to earn LM


24 Credits per month 21 Months to earn LM


30 Credits per month 17 Months to earn LM


45 Credits per month 12 Months to earn LM


60 Credits per month 9 Months to earn LM
“Life Member Credits” are a benefit you can only earn through the AGP. 60% of every dollar you contribute earns a Life
Member Credit. Once you accumulate 500 credits, a Life Membership is yours. Each monthly contribution builds so that Brothers, even at the $19 level, will eventually earn a Life Membership in Kappa Kappa Psi. It’s the easiest way to both donate and earn Life Membership simultaneously.

Already a Life Member?

You can gift earned Life Memberships to other Brothers. Every time you earn another 500 Life Member Credits, you earn another Life Membership to give as a gift to a young alumnus or an old friend. Best of all, you keep earning additional Life Memberships as long as you are a member of the AGP.

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