Official Notice of KKΨ National Convention

In accordance with Section 3.403 of the Kappa Kappa Psi National Constitution, official notice is hereby given that,

The National Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi will meet in National Convention

July 18-22, 2017
Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace
1900 E. Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

In preparation for our upcoming National Convention this summer in Orlando, Florida, the fraternity’s constitution requires that the National Executive Director and the National Vice President for Student Affairs publish any relevant information that our membership needs to be informed about the upcoming meeting. Below you will find a short summary of both an initial agenda and topics that will be discussed.

As with all national conventions, the commissioning of a new piece of band literature through the joint effort of the National Intercollegiate Band with Tau Beta Sigma, the review of our national constitution, the passing of a budget, and the election of officers are key priorities. As you know, the election process was changed in 2015 at our last national convention in Lexington, Kentucky. This will be the first implementation of that new process and a review will be done of its efficacy. In addition, many guest speakers and leadership development sessions are planned for the continuing education of all members in attendance.

At this national convention, the 10-year moratorium on changes to our Ritual expires. As has been mentioned for the past several months, this does not mean that the ritual will be rewritten. Instead, the focus of the Ritual and Regalia committee will be to ensure that any necessary updates are made with respect to changes made to our guiding documents (constitution, policies, and various statements).

There is also a goal to enhance the performance aspects of the ritual by providing better guidance within our ritual book itself. The Ritual Performance and Education committee was created this biennium to propose changes to the instructions and preparation pages of the ritual. This committee will be on hand throughout the district convention season to chat with brothers about their ongoing efforts. If you’d like to reach out to the committee, you can do so by sending an email to

We will also discuss the implementation of a national curriculum, entitled “The Road to Wisdom,” that is the product of a multi-biennial effort to provide our chapters with a framework for educating new members. There will be plenty of room for chapters to retain their individual identities, the curriculum being proposed is focused on providing more structure to the overall process. It will do so by setting benchmarks on bringing in new brothers to the fraternity, with the focus more on what it takes to be a successful and productive active member. Members of the curriculum committee will be available throughout the district convention season to answer questions and have conversations on their ongoing work. If you would like to reach out to the committee, you can do so by sending an email to

Several constitutional changes will be reviewed.  One such constitutional amend would create an appointed member to the Kappa Kapp Psi Board of Trustees.  This additional voting member would fill a gap in expertise or experience as deemed needed.  Additional constitutional changes may be recommended as we approach national convention.  These will be published on the national convention website.

National Convention is taking place in the Buena Vista Palace hotel in Orlando, Florida. Registration for the convention is $140. If you have questions or need more information regarding the upcoming National Convention, please visit the convention website here: You can also contact our National Headquarters with any questions you have by calling (405)372-2333 or email our National Executive Director Steve Nelson at

A short outline of the daily agenda for the convention itself follows:

  • July 18 – Opening Joint and Separate Sessions, Seating of Delegates, NIB Concert
  • July 19 – Committee Meetings and Workshops
  • July 20 – Free Day for Orlando parks
  • July 21 – Separate Session, Committee Meetings and Workshops
  • July 22 – Closing Separate and Joint Sessions, National Elections, Convention Banquet

If you have specific questions for your National Council, there are a couple ways to get in touch. You can visit and click on the button at the bottom that mentions leaving feedback and questions for the National Council. You can also send an email to any or all of the National Council:

President:  Jack Lee –

Vice President for Colonization and Membership:  Evan Thompson –

Vice President for Programs:  Marco Krcatovich –

Vice President for Student Affairs:  Zac Humphrey –

Vice President for Professional Relations:  Douglas Stotter –

Immediate Past National President:  Christine Beason –

Chair for the Board of Trustees:  Rod Chesnutt –

Vice Chair for the Board of Trustees:  Adam Cantley –

Chair for the KKΨ Alumni Association BOD:  Alison Beidler –

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to seeing you this July in Orlando, Florida!

The opening Joint Session with Tau Beta Sigma is expected to begin on July 18th at 2pm.  The seating of delegates will follow.


Zac Humphrey
National Vice President for Student Affairs

Steven C. Nelson
National Executive Director
Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

Zachary T. Humphrey
National Vice President for Student Affairs
Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity

Steve Nelson
National Executive Director
Kappa Kappa Psi / Tau Beta Sigma National Headquarters
PO Box 849, Stillwater, OK 74076
ph: 405-372-2333 / fax: 405-372-2363 / /
2017 National Convention / July 18 – 22 / Orlando, Florida

District Convention National Town Hall Update

Greetings from the Northeast District Convention in beautiful Lancaster, PA!

I wanted to take a moment to re-post the links to the online submission forms for the District Convention Town Halls. This, along with using your district specific hashtags, provides an alternative to standing at the mic and asking a question or sharing a comment or concern with the National Leadership Team. To that end, find your district's button below. Utilize the hashtags on the buttons to submit questions via Facebook and twitter.

We can't wait to see you all in the coming weeks!

Keep striving!
National Vice President for Student Affairs

Ritual Performance and Education Committee update!

Evening brothers!

On behalf of the Ritual Performance and Education committee, I hope this finds you well! As you may have heard, as part of preparing for National Convention this summer, our National President Jack Lee and National Vice President for Colonization and Membership Evan Thompson created the Ritual Performance and Education committee. The appointed me the chair of the committee. The committee's mandate is to review the performance instructions relating for the ritual and work towards creating educational materials that will work in tandem with the work that the Curriculum Development committee is doing.

To that end, as the committee has been working over the past 5 months, we wanted to ensure that the work we were doing was meaningful, useful, and helpful to our active membership in their execution of the ritual. To get meaningful feedback, we have proposed a two prong strategy.

1) We will be sending a survey to all chapter presidents. We request that either the chapter president or someone they designate fill out the survey based on the chapter's experience.

2) Performing 6 focus groups during the upcoming district conventions. We invite each chapter to send one representative of their chapter to participate in this in-person conversation on the work being done by the committee. Chapters can sign up now using the buttons below based on their home districts.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the committee by emailing

Keep striving!

February/March Council Update, part 4: National Convention 2017

Today’s update shifts the focus to National Convention. Who’s excited? Have you registered? Have you booked your room at the Buena Vista Palace? Here is some information on dates and prices:

– NIB Application deadline: April 15th
– Convention dates: July 18th-22nd
– Convention registration deadline: June 15th — No refunds will be given after this date and any forms received after this date will incur a $25 late fee.
– Registration is $140
– The hotel is $132+tax a night, with $16 a day for parking (this price is only available if you stay onsite).

With those amounts in mind, here are some of the benefits of staying onsite:

– discounted Disney tickets
– free transport to Disney parks from hotel via shuttles
– directly across the street from Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney)
– just down the road [insert actual mileage] from a shopping mall with a Safeway and non-Disney restaurant options (both fast food and sit down).
– once you are on-site, no need to deal with tourist traffic in that area of Orlando
– hotel rate is about as good as you’ll get in that area, below average for the high season with no resort fees that are normal included in places like this
– complimentary beverage tickets useable in the hotel (2 tickets per person registered to the room, max 4 people per room)
– complimentary sun care products provided by the hotel
– the pools + lazy river
– being surrounded by 1000+ of your brothers and sisters 24 hours a day for 5 days straight

If you want/need more information see the website here: (there are some Facebook Live videos of the hotel from the National Council’s meetings onsite in January).. There you will find individual registration forms along with the delegate registration forms. You can also call National Headquarters at (405)372-2333 for any questions that aren’t answered by the website.

Keep striving!

Zac Humphrey
National Vice President for Student Affairs

February/March Council Update, part 3: District Conventions 2017

Tonight’s update is all about district conventions. So let’s get started!

District Conventions are starting up in a few weeks, here is a list of dates and locations:

NED – March 17-18 – Lancaster, PA
SWD – March 24-26 – Stillwater, OK
MWD – March 31 – April 2 – Ames, IA
SED – March 31 – April 2 – Tampa, FL
WD – March 31 – April 2 – Boise, ID
NCD – April 7-9 – Columbus, OH

Remember, in order to attend, you must have a valid membership card. That means your active cards for those who are active and either a life membership or alumni association card for alumni members. This is a hard and fast rule! If you are bring candidates, make sure to have a letter signed by your DOB or Sponsor on file with their names. Any questions regarding membership cards, call HQ at (405)372-2333 and ask for Debbie.

Did you attend district convention last year? If you did, you’ll remember that during the National Town Hall there was a way to digitally submit questions to be answered. We will be bringing that back based on the success we had last year. Be on the look out for an update in the next few weeks that will have all the details on the hashtags and links to the district specific forms.

Two national committees are going to be actively participating in conventions this year in preparation for National Convention in Orlando this summer. The Curriculum Development Committee along with the Ritual Performance and Education Committee (RPEC) will both be on hand to share the work they have been doing as well as answer questions regarding that work. In addition, the RPEC will be inviting one member of each chapter in attendance to participate in a focus group where they will discuss the work being done and get feedback on specific language that will be included in the final report of recommendations that get sent to the Ritual and Regalia Committee at National Convention. In addition to the focus group at convention, your chapter president’s should be receiving a survey that either they or their designate will fill out on behalf of the chapter. Both of these committees are doing vital work in the name of the fraternity and we want to ensure that our membership has every opportunity to ask questions and hear more information about the work they are doing so that come July, everyone in attendance will be able to make informed decisions. If you want to reach out to the Curriculum Development Committee, you can reach them via their committee email, If you’d like to reach the RPEC send an email to See the committee members in attendance below.

Curious about the National Leadership that will be in attendance to your district, check out the following list to see who you can expect to see!


Council: Evan Thompson, Doug Stotter
Board: Danny George, Rod Chesnutt
Alumni Board: Nick Bratcher, Sarah Casias
NHQ: Steve Nelson (Alaina Peters as CFR)
Curriculum: (Evan)
Ritual: Andy Melvin


Council: Jack Lee, Evan Thompson, Marco Krcatovich, Zac Humphrey, Doug Stotter
Board: Malinda Matney, Christine Beason
Alumni Board: Alison Beidler, Sarah Casias, Jennifer Pitts-Taylor
NHQ: Steve Nelson and Robert Bratcher
Curriculum: (Evan and Jack)
Ritual: Preston Ramsey (and Zac)


Council: Jack Lee, Evan Thompson, Marco Krcatovich, Zac Humphrey
Board: Adam Cantley, Eric Morson
Alumni Board: Alison Beidler, Nic Rorrer, Daniel Miller
NHQ: Di Spiva (Alaina Peters as CFR)
Curriculum: Jessica Lee (also Jack and Evan)
Ritual: (Zac)


Council: Jack Lee,
Board: Board: Eric Morson, Christine Beason
Alumni Brent Cannon, Nic Rorrer
NHQ: Robert Bratcher
Curriculum: Ken Corbett (Jack)
Ritual: Chris Haughee


Council: Jack Lee, Evan Thompson
Board: Christine Beason, Danny George, Eric Morson
Alumni Board: Alison Beidler, Nick Bratcher, Brent Cannon, Daniel Miller
NHQ: (whole HQ since in Stillwater) (Alaina Peters as CFR)
Curriculum: Jessica Lee, Ken Corbett (also Jack and Evan)
Ritual: Andy Melvin, Graham Delafield


Council: Marco Krcatovich, Zac Humphrey
Board: Malinda Matney, Adam Cantley
Alumni Board: Daniel Miller, Jennifer Pitts-Taylor
NHQ: Potentially Aaron Moore (Justin Chesak as CFR)
Curriculum: Yvonne Daye
Ritual: (Zac)

I think that about wraps it up for today!

Keep Striving!

Kappa Kappa Psi District Convention Town Hall Update!

The Kappa Kappa Psi Town Hall has become a tradition of the annual district convention experience. This year, the National Leadership Team is looking for ways to make it easier for brothers to participate and ask questions, as there has been some issues in the past with incorporating questions into the overall event. To that end, we have created individual online question submission forms for each district convention. Please feel free to leave the Kappa Kappa Psi National Leadership Team a question, comment, or concern by following the link for your respective convention. We will try to address as many as possible during the Town Hall segment of convention. Your name, email, and chapter are optional, but feel free to leave it for follow up purposes. In addition to the district-centric Google form, we are also promoting a hashtag for each district convention so that questions can be submitted via Twitter as well. Either of these options can be done now, in the lead up to convention, or while you are at convention. We want to make it as easy as possible to get your question out there.

We hope you all are getting excited for district convention season to kick off! We look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks.

Zac Humphrey, National Vice President for Student Affairs

Google Forms and Town Hall hashtags

MWD: MWD Town Hall Google Form and #MWDTownHall
NCD: NCD Town Hall Google Form and #NCDTownHall
NED: NED Town Hall Google Form and #NEDTownHall
SED: SED Town Hall Google Form and #SEDTownHall
SWD: SWD Town Hall Google Form and #SWDTownHall
WD: WD Town Hall Google Form and #WDTownHall