February/March Council Update, part 3: District Conventions 2017

Tonight’s update is all about district conventions. So let’s get started!

District Conventions are starting up in a few weeks, here is a list of dates and locations:

NED – March 17-18 – Lancaster, PA
SWD – March 24-26 – Stillwater, OK
MWD – March 31 – April 2 – Ames, IA
SED – March 31 – April 2 – Tampa, FL
WD – March 31 – April 2 – Boise, ID
NCD – April 7-9 – Columbus, OH

Remember, in order to attend, you must have a valid membership card. That means your active cards for those who are active and either a life membership or alumni association card for alumni members. This is a hard and fast rule! If you are bring candidates, make sure to have a letter signed by your DOB or Sponsor on file with their names. Any questions regarding membership cards, call HQ at (405)372-2333 and ask for Debbie.

Did you attend district convention last year? If you did, you’ll remember that during the National Town Hall there was a way to digitally submit questions to be answered. We will be bringing that back based on the success we had last year. Be on the look out for an update in the next few weeks that will have all the details on the hashtags and links to the district specific forms.

Two national committees are going to be actively participating in conventions this year in preparation for National Convention in Orlando this summer. The Curriculum Development Committee along with the Ritual Performance and Education Committee (RPEC) will both be on hand to share the work they have been doing as well as answer questions regarding that work. In addition, the RPEC will be inviting one member of each chapter in attendance to participate in a focus group where they will discuss the work being done and get feedback on specific language that will be included in the final report of recommendations that get sent to the Ritual and Regalia Committee at National Convention. In addition to the focus group at convention, your chapter president’s should be receiving a survey that either they or their designate will fill out on behalf of the chapter. Both of these committees are doing vital work in the name of the fraternity and we want to ensure that our membership has every opportunity to ask questions and hear more information about the work they are doing so that come July, everyone in attendance will be able to make informed decisions. If you want to reach out to the Curriculum Development Committee, you can reach them via their committee email, Curriculum@kkpsi.org. If you’d like to reach the RPEC send an email to RitualEducation@kkpsi.org. See the committee members in attendance below.

Curious about the National Leadership that will be in attendance to your district, check out the following list to see who you can expect to see!


Council: Evan Thompson, Doug Stotter
Board: Danny George, Rod Chesnutt
Alumni Board: Nick Bratcher, Sarah Casias
NHQ: Steve Nelson (Alaina Peters as CFR)
Curriculum: (Evan)
Ritual: Andy Melvin


Council: Jack Lee, Evan Thompson, Marco Krcatovich, Zac Humphrey, Doug Stotter
Board: Malinda Matney, Christine Beason
Alumni Board: Alison Beidler, Sarah Casias, Jennifer Pitts-Taylor
NHQ: Steve Nelson and Robert Bratcher
Curriculum: (Evan and Jack)
Ritual: Preston Ramsey (and Zac)


Council: Jack Lee, Evan Thompson, Marco Krcatovich, Zac Humphrey
Board: Adam Cantley, Eric Morson
Alumni Board: Alison Beidler, Nic Rorrer, Daniel Miller
NHQ: Di Spiva (Alaina Peters as CFR)
Curriculum: Jessica Lee (also Jack and Evan)
Ritual: (Zac)


Council: Jack Lee,
Board: Board: Eric Morson, Christine Beason
Alumni Brent Cannon, Nic Rorrer
NHQ: Robert Bratcher
Curriculum: Ken Corbett (Jack)
Ritual: Chris Haughee


Council: Jack Lee, Evan Thompson
Board: Christine Beason, Danny George, Eric Morson
Alumni Board: Alison Beidler, Nick Bratcher, Brent Cannon, Daniel Miller
NHQ: (whole HQ since in Stillwater) (Alaina Peters as CFR)
Curriculum: Jessica Lee, Ken Corbett (also Jack and Evan)
Ritual: Andy Melvin, Graham Delafield


Council: Marco Krcatovich, Zac Humphrey
Board: Malinda Matney, Adam Cantley
Alumni Board: Daniel Miller, Jennifer Pitts-Taylor
NHQ: Potentially Aaron Moore (Justin Chesak as CFR)
Curriculum: Yvonne Daye
Ritual: (Zac)

I think that about wraps it up for today!

Keep Striving!

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