Feedback for the National Council

Happy New Year Brothers!

I am excited to announce that you can now submit feedback to the National Council in a fast and easy way. Currently it is via a google form found here. Going forward we will be working to integrate it into the national website. As our annual Winter Council Meeting is happening in a week, now would be a great time to submit any questions, comments, or concerns you have for the Council’s review.

Are you curious about the status of the Membership Education Curriculum Pilot program? Maybe you want more information on the upcoming National Convention? Is there a recurring question regarding the National Constitution that is vexing your chapter? These are all examples of items that could be submitted.

While the form asks for identifying information like name, chapter, and email, the only required field is your question, comment, or concern. This is another way the Council is looking forward to hearing back from you, our Brothers!


Zac Humphrey
Vice President for Student Affairs