Student Advisory Committee July 2017 Report


Below you will find an outline of what took place during the July Student Advisory Committee, pre-NatCon meeting on July 9, 2017. Lizzi Pineiro of the SWD took notes for the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me at or the whole committee at

Keep Striving!

—July SAC – Minutes 7/9/2017—

  • Introduction/Attendance
    • Midwest: Jesse Granados – President
    • North Central:  Viet Nguyen – VPM, Jacob Boesch – VPP, Jason Filer – Secretary/Treasurer
    • Northeast: Katie Kelly – President, Rebekah Franolich – Secretary/Treasurer
    • Southeast: Frank Marzen – President,
    • Southwest: Makenzie Darby – President, Lizzi Pineiro – VPM, Dino Cardenas – MAL
    • Western: Lyssa Fukuhara – MAL
  • District Updates
    • Midwest:
      • We had a district wide T-Shirt fundraiser with Tau Beta Sigma, we have planned another district event which is our district days and we have nailed down a location and date, which will more than likely be announced to the district after national convention.
    • North Central
      • Summer Meeting happened discussing district goals; NatCon apparel fundraiser
    • Northeast
      • Discussed delegate fee reduction to less than $10 (maybe nothing!)
    • Southeast
      • Council is full now after extending deadlines
    • Southwest
      • Thinking of bringing a district fundraiser to NatCon
    • Western
      • No meeting held since last SAC Meeting
  • National Council Updates
    • Parking will be free for KKPsi and TBS members at the hotel
    • 15% off food in the hotel
    • 7 AM breakfasts with Zac (SAC Meetings to follow)
    • Wi-fi will be available (no streaming) in the hotel for free in the business area
    • Parks will have free wifi!
    • Active and alumni membership cards are needed!
    • Directions to local grocery stores and restaurants (less than 2 miles away) posted as a update
    • SAC: look at all info on Slack BEFORE attending convention (surveys will be on there too)
    • SAC: Set up Slack accounts and tell Zac when you will arrive and leave
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