Northeast District Governor Changes

Brothers of the Northeast District –

I wanted to take a moment to thank Marie Burleigh and John Leonard on their outstanding work this year as the governor team in the Northeast District.  They have each continued a high standard of work and motivation for the active members of the district.

Unfortunately, John has notified the National Council that he is resigning his position as Governor of the Northeast District.  It is exciting, however, that John is doing so to focus on future plans as he pursues his doctoral degree at Western Michigan University.  We are thankful to John for his service to the district, and wish him the best as he continues to support the Fraternity through his work as a collegiate director.

Obviously, this creates a vacancy in the governorship within the district.  After careful consideration and with input from the national leadership team, I am excited to announce that Mike Napolitano will join the national leadership team as a Northeast District Governor alongside Marie.

Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and should be a familiar name for many in the NED.  Mike has recently served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and was most recently serving as the chair.  He was initiated in to the Kappa Upsilon chapter at Marist College in Spring 2002.  For the past 12 year, Mike has served as the chapter sponsor while he serves as the Associate Director of Music and Operations manager at Marist College.

I am excited that Mike is joining the governor team in the Northeast District, and I know that he is going to be an exception example of leadership for the active membership.

Please feel free to send a welcoming and congratulatory message to Mike at

As always, if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jack Lee
National President

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