Month of Musicianship Message


Our annual Month of Musicianship is not and should not be the only month where we celebrate music.  It is, however, the one where we pay extra and deserved homage to truly the greatest of the arts. As well we should! And as we do, I encourage you to think about these questions:

  • As we finish a membership class or start to think about recruiting a new one, how can we use music to showcase Kappa Kappa as an organization that people will be eager and proud to join?
  • As we come closer to the end of a semester and, for many, a marching band season, how can we bring our music to its greatest height?
  • As we look at our fellow band members and our band directors, how are we helping them build a program that will produce music for years to come?

How does your Chapter answer these questions?  During November, please share your answers, your stories, your pictures, and your performances on social media using the hashtag #strikeupthebands.

You can also join us in celebrating music on November 6th at 8:00 p.m. ET as we have a panel with music educators and past A. Frank Martin Award winners Tony Falcone, Amy Heavilin, Dr. Craig Aarhus, and Denali Pearce-Alt as they share their experiences as music professionals.  Finally, stay tuned to social media throughout the month with experiences and performances from your National leadership on the value of music in their lives.

Brothers, please celebrate our precious gift of music and, in so doing, remind others and yourselves of what this great Brotherhood has in store for us all!


Ed Savoy
National Vice President for Programs

Posted in Fraternity News.