Fraternity Symbols

The wearing of the Kappa Kappa Psi crest, symbols (with the exception of the membership candidate pin) and/or letters in any form, is limited to initiated members of the fraternity. This restriction is lifted in the case of articles or regalia clearly declaring, without abbreviation, the wearer as a membership candidate or a petitioning group member or denoting sponsorship or partial sponsorship of an event by the Fraternity, provided said event is not in conflict with the precepts and policies of Kappa Kappa Psi.

Fraternity Badge

The official means of identifying oneself with the Fraternity. Unlike many other organizations, purchase of the Crown Pearl Badge is optional in Kappa Kappa Psi. The symbols of the badge have special meaning to the members of the Fraternity, and it is worn in the same manner as the recognition badges of other Greek- letter organizations: over the heart, pinned to the shirt slightly above the pocket, slightly towards the button-line. It is not to be worn on sweatshirts, sports uniforms, or on the band uniform. Appropriate attachments may be affixed to the badge, showing both the Chapter’s Greek-letter designation and any offices held by a members in the Chapter.

Fraternity Crest (Coat of Arms)

Also referred to as the Membership Recognition Pin, this gold lapel pin is the official crest or coat-of-arms (or “cofa”) of Kappa Kappa Psi. Each of the symbols on the crest have a special meaning to our members, their relationship to the Fraternity, and the mission of our organization within your college or university band. Become familiar with the Cofa of Kappa Kappa Psi so that you can recognize it on sight. Fraternity members wear this pin as a means of recognition signifying their continuing commitment to the ideals of Brotherhood.

Fraternity Flag

The Greek letters are printed in an arc on the top half of the flag with a white background. There are three overlapping stars in the middle of the flag and bottom of the flag over a blue background.

Fraternity Key

A gold key inscribed with the most significant of the Fraternity’s symbols. Originally worn on a key or pocket-watch chain, in recent years individual members have had it affixed to tie-tack, tie-bars or pendant chains. It is often given as a token of appreciation for special services rendered, although it is available to the general membership for their own use as an item of personal jewelry if they so desire.

Fraternity Flower

The Flower of Kappa Kappa Psi is the Red Carnation.

The question of how this came about was asked of Dr. J. Lee Burke (3rd Grand President) by at the 1989 National Convention in Stillwater, Oklahoma by Alpha Chapter alumnus and Past National Officer Steve Nelson. Burke said that the red carnation was picked because it was the favorite flower of our founder William A. Scroggs.

Alumnus Kristopher A. Lininger of the Eta Mu Chapter was able to verify with Bill Scroggs, Jr. and Susan Scroggs, the adult children of William A. Scroggs that the Red Carnation was indeed Scroggs’s favorite flower.