2019 Nominations Committee Announcement

Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi:

I am pleased to announce the appointment of the Nominations Committee for the 2019 election cycle. This is the second biennium using the updated nominations/election process voted on by the National Chapter at the 2015 National Convention. You can view the complete process and membership requirements in the National Constitution, Section 3.708.

This committee is representative of the total Fraternity and meets the requirements of the National Constitution. They are charged with reviewing packets for eligibility, interviewing candidates, and developing a slate of candidates for each office for the 2019 National Convention Delegation.

Nominations Committee

  • Derrick Mills, Chair
  • Board of Trustees: Danny George
  • Governor 1: Denali Pearce-Alt
  • Governor 2: Clinton Wieden
  • Governor 3: Craig Aarhus
  • Member 1: Michael Osborn
  • Member 2: Maggie Sant
  • Alumni Board Rec 1: Laura Pike
  • Alumni Board Rec 2: Teddy Howell
  • District Officer 1: Jacob Welper, Iota Omega
  • District Officer 2: Annie Jane Burns, Gamma Iota
  • District Officer 3: Andrew Mason, Nu Gamma
  • Active 1: Mitch Mikuchonis, Iota Kappa
  • Active 2: James Washburn, Iota Zeta
  • Active 3: Brandon Heater, Eta Kappa
  • Active 4: Ilene Gould, Zeta Epsilon
  • Active 5: Aliyah Qualls, Beta Omicron
  • Evan Thompson, National President (ex-officio)
  • Steve Nelson, National Executive Director (ex-officio)

Congratulations to these brothers on their selection to the 2019 Nominations Committee! We owe them our thanks and support for the work they will engage in on behalf of the Fraternity and its members. If you have any questions about the election process, please contact National President Evan Thompson (evan@kkpsi.org) or National Executive Director Steve Nelson (nelson@kkytbs.org).


Evan L. Thompson
National President

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