Sponsor/Director Task Force


Tony Falcone (ADVISOR) Eta Omicron
Derek Stoughton (CHAIR) Alpha Tau
Mike Napolitano (CO-CHAIR) Kappa Upsilon
Michael Osborn Zeta Epsilon
Jeff Schramm Delta Gamma
Dr. Nicholas Thomas Delta Iota
Dr. Malinda Matney Nu
Derrick Mills Eta
Willie Snipes Kappa Kappa
Arupa Gopal Kappa Tau
Dr. Craig Aarhus Pi
Betsy Charles Nu Gamma
Scott Stowell Alpha Eta
Dr. Brad McDavid Gamma
Dr. Nic Rorrer Eta Beta
Antwone Vass Zeta Sigma


Sponsor/Director Task Force Charges 2021-2023

  1. Provide support to Director of Bands/Chapter sponsors by answering questions via the sponsorsdirectors@kkpsi.org email in a timely manner (within 72 hours).
  2. Develop resources for Director of Bands/Chapter Sponsors, which may include:
    1. PDF resource documents and/or videos that provide an overview of membership education, chapter operations, and chapter oversight.
    2. A FAQ for Directors and Chapter Sponsors
  3. Create and record a workshop for new Directors/Sponsors entitled “Best Practices in Chapter Support and Oversight” that details the work of the Director and Chapter Sponsor.
  4. Create and implement a communication plan for how often the national leadership should communicate with Directors/Sponsors, detailing the method of communication and content that should be included. This could be a newsletter or video format.
  5. Determine ways that Kappa Kappa Psi can continue to support Directors and Chapter Sponsors in their work with college bands, including exploring possible events the fraternity should be represented at, promulgation of the work of college bands, or other ideas.
  6. Prepare a report for each quarter of the committee’s work to be shared with the National Council and posted on the National Website.