The Kappa Kappa Psi Journey: A Vision for the Road Ahead

Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi,

The honor to serve as your National President, backed by the invaluable trust that you have placed in me, is not one that I take lightly. Reflecting on the 103-year-long journey of Kappa Kappa Psi – a fraternity built on love, passion, and servant leadership – it is clear that our past illuminates our path forward. The start of a new biennium represents more than a passage of time. It signifies the continuation of our pursuit of wisdom, a journey we take together as Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi. At the 2023 National Convention, we not only celebrated our storied legacy but also carved a shared vision for our future. By reaffirming our ritualistic values, we reinforced our commitment to the principles we uphold, ensuring that our service to college and university band programs across the country is unwavering and impactful. This is the “AEA Way“. It’s our belief, our identity, and our mission. To see Kappa Kappa Psi thrive for another century, we must manifest these principles and purposes into tangible actions.

Brothers, we stand at a pivotal moment – an opportune juncture where our shared history, present opportunities, and future potential converge. As we stand at this crossroads, I invite each one of you – Active and Alumni alike – to not just look forward but also glance backward. In our history lies not only our legacy but also the blueprint for our future. But our legacy, while rich and robust, is not just a reflection of what we have achieved. It is also a testament to what awaits us on our journey ahead. We have so much to be proud of, from our contributions to the band community to our presence across the country. The true spirit of Kappa Kappa Psi, however, lies not just in what we’ve done but in what we are about to do. Our journey ahead requires a collective effort, a symphony of voices coming together to create a harmonious and impactful melody. Together, we march towards the foothills of success, undeterred by challenges, united by purpose. Let us be inspired not only by the prospects of our own growth but also by the impact we have on others. Let us embrace our role not just as spectators but as catalysts for change. By embodying the “AEA Way” – marked by an unwavering dedication to our Ritualistic vows, our new mission, and each other – we can inspire a new era of excellence. We are called not to merely embrace complacency or uphold the status quo, but to embody a similar spirit as our Founders had, leveraging the legacy of our past triumphs and cherished traditions to propel us confidently through the second century with the same fervor and momentum that ignited our journey in 1919.

This statement serves as a call to action, urging us to seize the mantle of leadership in the distinctive “AEA Way” and to create a lasting impact on college and university bands nationwide. I am both honored and excited to share with you the vision that will guide our journey forward for the next two years. As your National President, my commitment is to inspire each of you to take ownership of our collective path as a Fraternity.

The Kappa Kappa Psi Journey Unfolds

Our journey is a rich tapestry of our foundational ethos, trials, triumphs, and aspirations. It’s a dynamic dance between respecting our past and evolving for our future.

  • Our Roots: Born from a desire to cultivate leadership amongst band members and music enthusiasts, Kappa Kappa Psi emerged as a beacon of excellence and service in the world of music.
  • A Time of Reflection: Pausing occasionally to reminisce and reflect is as important as forging ahead. It’s these moments of introspection that ground us, ensuring our journey ahead stays true to our core.
  • Seizing the Present: Our journey’s present phase calls for an embrace of opportunities, pushing boundaries, and solidifying our role as leaders and influencers in the band community.
  • The Legacy We Build: It’s our responsibility to ensure that our legacy doesn’t just dwell in our past achievements but also paves the way for a future of significance.
  • Towards a Bright Future: Our vision is clear – a Kappa Kappa Psi that thrives on service and continues to influence the college band movement, even as the landscape of the music community evolves.

The Biennium Plan

To ensure that this vision is realized, we’ve framed out a year-long initiative and have branded the months of the academic year as follows:

September: Month of Service – Engage and promote the virtue of service, with local community projects and seminars on altruistic growth. Chapters can get involved with this by:

  • Hosting virtual panel discussions with key figures in the college band movement.
  • Organizing service projects at local levels for members to engage with their community.
  • Participating in workshops focusing on healthy ways of being selfless and avoiding burnout.
  • We encourage our ‘quarter system’ schools to take some of these practices into October.

November: Month of Musicianship – Enhance individual musicianship, focusing on contribution’s significance in an ensemble. Chapters can get involved with this by:

  • Hosting instrument-specific virtual masterclasses with professional musicians.
  • Participating in webinars on the role of individual contribution in an ensemble setting.
  • Organizing peer-reviewed practice sessions to foster a culture of feedback and growth.

February: Month of Leadership – Harness the Founders’ Circle program to cultivate leadership and drive a culture of continuous improvement. Chapters can get involved with this by:

  • Leveraging the Founders’ Circle program and speakers for leadership training sessions.
  • Hosting roundtable discussions on leadership challenges and solutions with other chapters.
  • Provide personal leadership assessment tools for members to reflect upon.

April: Month of Brotherhood – Emphasize the vitality of forging meaningful connections and valuing the human essence of our Brothers. Chapters can get involved with this by:

  • Attending district events, such as district conventions, with the entire chapter.
  • Collaborating with other chapters to host brotherhood events to foster deeper connections.
  • Hosting workshops on the importance of humanizing titles and treating each member with respect and dignity.

June: Month of Celebration – Honor our accomplishments, our graduates, and lay down a marker of our organizational evolution. Chapters can get involved with this by:

  • Hosting graduation ceremonies for seniors.
  • Creating announcements to introduce newly elected chapter officers.
  • Hosting an awards night to recognize the outstanding contributions of members.
  • Hosting reflective sessions for members to share their progress and rejuvenate.

During the intermittent months, our national committees will be actively engaged in providing a series of impactful virtual events and activities, tailored to enhance the journey of each Active member. These sessions are designed to equip our members with practical skills and knowledge that will foster success within Kappa Kappa Psi, in their academic pursuits, and in their future endeavors. Here’s what you can expect from these enriching experiences:

  • Chapter Operations: Sessions aimed at setting up chapter officers for success, covering efficient planning, effective organization, and strategic execution.
  • Communications: Workshops focusing on helping chapters strengthen their marketing and story-telling strategies, enabling them to effectively communicate their impact and value.
  • Curriculum: Dedicated sessions to enhance chapters’ membership education and continuing education processes through The Road to Wisdom.
  • Data Assessment: A focus on understanding what Kappa Kappa Psi truly looks like and how chapters can leverage membership data to inform decision-making processes.
  • DEIA: Meaningful conversations that explore the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, promoting a more inclusive fraternity, and cultivating culturally sensitive leaders.
  • Expansion: Guiding members on how they can contribute to Kappa Kappa Psi’s growth and expansion efforts by sharing its impact story and value proposition with directors and students who don’t have a KKPsi chapter.
  • Programs: Exploring how chapters can leverage and benefit from our national programs to enhance their member experience and overall growth as a Brother.
  • Ritual Performance & Education: In-depth guidance on how chapters can deepen their understanding and performance of our Ritual, fostering a stronger connection to our foundational principles and lessons.
  • Sponsor/DOB: Focusing on how chapters can build better relationships with their Sponsors and DOBs and contribute to our mission of serving college and university bands.

By intertwining these skill-building opportunities with the larger narrative of the Kappa Kappa Psi Journey, we aim to foster a profound connection between individual growth and the collective advancement of our Fraternity. Through these tailored experiences, we’re dedicated to empowering each member to not only succeed within Kappa Kappa Psi but also to excel as resilient leaders in their personal and professional lives.

Let us not forget, however, that at the heart of Kappa Kappa Psi’s essence lies a profound and unbreakable bond – a tapestry woven with threads of service, leadership, musicianship, and brotherhood. It is this affinity for service, our shared passion for band, and the genuine love we hold for one another that imparts depth and purpose to our journey, rendering it not just meaningful but vital. This love stands as our hallmark, shaping our identity and driving our pursuit of excellence. As we traverse this path together, let us recognize that nurturing this love is pivotal; it’s through the care we extend to each other that we ensure the continuity of our journey’s melody, a symphony woven with the notes of unity, compassion, and unwavering support.

Our journey ahead beckons us to march forward, unified in purpose and resolve. This biennium presents both challenges and opportunities. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that Kappa Kappa Psi thrives in the face of adversity. Our values and purposes, tested by time, have grounded us. Yet, we must not become complacent. We must adapt, evolve, and strive for even greater heights. Now, more than ever, we need to play in unison, translating the “AEA Way” into a melody that echoes for generations to come. This vision for the biennium is not merely a proclamation – it is a call to action, a rallying cry that resonates with our shared ideals. Let us embrace THE KAPPA KAPPA PSI JOURNEY with passion, celebrate our past with pride, and steer our Fraternity toward a future that stands as a testament to our dedication. Let’s compose a masterpiece that leaves a positive impact on the world of college and university bands. The time to lift our batons is now. In harmony and rhythm, let’s march toward success.

Journeying with you,

Bang T. Co (he/him)
National President of Kappa Kappa Psi (2023-2025)
Life Member – Alpha Zeta Chapter, Indiana University

Launch of The Founders’ Circle

Kappa Kappa Psi is excited to formally launch our leadership development program The Founders’ Circle.  This program includes written lessons and resources developed by Past National President Dr. Kirk Randazzo, guided questions, and in person presentations at our District and National Conventions.  You can go to to access these materials (the password for accessing these materials is the Fraternity password.  Once you complete a level of The Founders’ Circle, let us know HERE and we’ll recognize you for your achievement!  We are currently working on a process for applying to be a presenter for The Founders’ Circle, so stay tuned for more information!

Founders’ Day Message 2021

What does it mean to celebrate Founders’ Day?

This is a moment to truly celebrate!  For 102 years, our organization has withstood the test of time.  Our values are the same as they were when 10 bandsmen came together and created an organization in the image of their director.  We celebrate the opportunity to serve college bands with honor, integrity, respect, and loyalty. We celebrate our relationship and our shared mission with Tau Beta Sigma.  We celebrate our chapters, our Brothers, our connection and the spirit of servant leadership.  We celebrate the precious gift of music, and the magic it brings when we join together in harmony.

This is also a moment of reflection.  I think of how far we have come in 102 years.  Certainly – I would not be here as your National President.  Throughout the years, we have grown and adapted as an organization.  Our acknowledgement, inclusion, and acceptance of people of color, women, and the LGBTQIA community demonstrates our growth as an organization that cares about the people who serve in it.  But at the same time, we must also acknowledge that we haven’t always gotten it right, and that when we reflect on our successes, we must also reflect on the moments that we could have done better and done more.  I hope that this sentiment continues to drive us forward as a better Kappa Kappa Psi.

Finally, this is a moment of gratitude.  I’m thankful for my home chapter at Lock Haven, for the amazing experience playing in the LHU Band, and that seven people saw something in me to offer me an invitation for membership in Kappa Kappa Psi.  I’m thankful for the many Brothers I have met over the years, at conventions, over zoom, and from countless chapters across the country who have touched my life.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve all of you as your National President.  I’m especially thankful for the ability to play music with one another, to have a shared experience that connects and brings joy, love, and light to all.

In the March 1923 Baton, Grand President Scott Squyres wrote an article about the greater fraternity.  In it he says, “The entire success of the fraternity depends on your individual continued cooperation.  You only get out of a thing what you put into it.  HAVE YOU PUT ALL YOU CAN INTO KAPPA KAPPA PSI?”  In July, I asked you if you were with me – to help reCHARGE Kappa Kappa Psi.  Ask yourself – are you truly putting all you can into Kappa Kappa Psi?  Are you working to serve your college or university band?  Are you striving to live our values, as we make bands, and the world at large, a better place?  Are you working to reCHARGE Kappa Kappa Psi through your actions as a Brother, as a chapter, as an alumnus?

Brothers, on this day, our Founders’ Day, take a moment – to celebrate, to reflect, and to give thanks.  Thank a Brother, a Sister, a band director, a fellow musician – someone who has touched your life and made it better because of your connection to music and Kappa Kappa Psi.  Reflect on your commitment to musicianship, leadership, and service as we strive for college bands.  And most importantly, celebrate the moment!  Here’s a toast to Kappa Kappa Psi and 102 years of service to college bands!

Striving with you,

Jessica Lee
48th National President
Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity

DEIA Task Force and National Progress this Biennium

Brothers,The last year has presented the Fraternity with many challenges as we have all had to “pivot” to address public health concerns and keep our band programs moving forward despite all of the obstacles we face.  We have also been looking critically across the entire Fraternity at how we are living up to our values and reflecting back on the one hundred years that preceded us.  The national reckoning on the history of racism, bigotry, sexism, intolerance, and hatred in our country has been long needed and Kappa Kappa Psi has had to ask the same questions about our organization, the many times we may have failed to live up to our values, and where we go from here.  In both cases, this is a long process and we must do this work together, as a Brotherhood, and ensure that progress continues into the future at every level of our Fraternity.

I wanted to update you on the selection of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force and steps we are taking as a Fraternity moving into our next biennium.  Rather than quickly adopt changes, we have taken the time to listen to our membership, learn and investigate our history, and determine how we can make lasting change.  We have all seen corporations and organizations that have put out great statements of support, only to stop that support when the camera lights dimmed or when the work required actually changing.  That’s not in the nature of our Fraternity, but the real change we seek is a long-term project.

DEIA Task Force and Call for a Constitutional Change

Below are Brothers who have been selected to serve on the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy Task Force.  This group will help determine the charges and selection of members of a standing committee that we will bring forth for adoption at our upcoming National Convention.  The mandate for this task force is limited so that our active membership can have a voice in how we move forward, rather than the National Council simply mandating action from our perspective alone.  As leaders we recognize that many voices need to be in this work for it to last long past our own terms of office.

The selected members of the DEIA Task Force are:

  • Leigh Ann Brook (Epsilon Epsilon)
  • Laura Hatcher (Nu Nu)
  • Donald Lee, Jr. (Chair, Zeta Eta)
  • Laurenté Oby (Nu Psi)
  • TarShae Odom (Zeta Eta)
  • Alyssia Price (Gamma Nu)
  • Joseph Valdecanas (Alpha Omega)
  • Shamara Williams (Lambda Eta)
  • Marysa Young (Nu Gamma)

Creating Positive Changes in Kappa Kappa Psi

There are areas where the National Council and National Leadership Team have identified immediate actions that can take place to make necessary reforms and address structural issues.  Whenever possible, we have made these changes in tandem with Tau Beta Sigma Sorority, so we are able to move together to support college bands.
  • Jessica Lee, National Vice President for Colonization and Membership, has set in place new processes for choosing advisors for new chapters, choosing investigators, and for our other volunteer roles.  This included mandatory training and certification for investigators, creating teams for new chapters that include Brothers from chapters with different backgrounds and traditions, and making the diversification of our volunteer corps a high priority.  She has also worked with Directors to improve the vetting process for colonization applications, resulting in colonies from 5 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, 1 minority serving institution, and 3 predominantly white institutions this biennium.  This work has also identified other constitutional and operational changes that must be made this summer, including replacing all references to terms like “colonization” and looking at the use of gendered pronouns across the organization and its governing documents.
  • Mike Napolitano, National Vice President for Programs, has taken a critical eye to our national awards, programs, and recognition to identify barriers for entry that keep some chapters from being recognized and areas of bias where chapters may be discriminated against in their applications for awards and recognition.   That work has also included how we celebrate chapters and publicize our national programs to work for a more diverse pool of applications and broader participation.
  • Bang Co, National Vice President for Student Affairs, has presented at least one DEI-focused workshop and follow-up panel discussions for each of our six districts. This was a strategic effort to ensure that our districts were prioritizing these conversations and initiatives. It helped lay the practice that DEI should be incorporated into all aspects of the district operations and structure, and not just an isolated conversation or item on a checklist. He has worked with the Student Advisory Council and students across the country to develop DEI resources for Active Members to have access to and leverage. This is an ongoing initiative and evolving resource for our students that will assist chapter officers, district officers, and future VPSAs to continue this important work. These resources can be found at With the Student Advisory Council, he helped develop chapter officer training resources that all students could access. This was built off of the resources that were created last biennium. The SAC believed it was important that we lowered the barriers by creating easily accessible content that students could go through at their own pace/own time and at no extra cost. The next step is the addition of captions and updated virtual resources. These resources can be found at  Finally, he worked with the previous SED President, TarShae Odom to hold several open discussions and Q&As with HBCU Chapter Presidents from across the country. It was from these conversations that public discussions (i.e. TalkTalkks, VPSA Chats, district panels) were able to become reality.
  • Anthony Falcone, National Vice President for Professional Relations, has helped in strengthening our connections to Band Directors at HBCUs and Minority-serving institutions and has helped in the advocacy for using the National Intercollegiate Band and the National Commissioning Project to feature conductors and composers of color.  As the National Council’s resource and connection with the Band Director profession, these connections and this advocacy has a major impact on our relationships with bands and on how Kappa Kappa Psi can shape the College Band world and push for meaningful change.
  • The National Committee on Nominations was charged with breaking down numerous barriers to entry for diversifying our National Leadership, including removing financial barriers and benefits, identifying ways to elevate all candidates prior to our National Convention and limiting unfair advantages that exist in terms of insights and access for candidates.  The majority of the committee is made up of active members and a constitutional change will be recommended to mandate not just diversity of geography in their selection but to follow the model of this biennium by mandating diversity of experience and background in all of our committees to reflect the diversity of our Brotherhood.
  • The National Committees on Communications, Ritual Performance and Education, and Curriculum Development, have not only helped us navigate the pandemic but have improved the visibility and access for all brothers and elevated the voices of Brothers of color, women, and other often marginalized populations. These committees are advised by National Council members who have helped advocate for change and assisted in making reforms possible.

Professional Fraternity Association DEI Initiative and Fraternity Climate Assessments

As a member of the Professional Fraternity Association (PFA), Kappa Kappa Psi has invested in a new initiative across all PFA organizations to conduct assessments of organizational climate and unconscious bias as phase 1 of a long-term PFA initiative.  That work also includes educating our leadership and membership with new programming, training Kappa Kappa Psi facilitators who can work with chapters and districts on DEI issues, and helping our organization to look critically at our operational and education documents and resources.  This multi-year project will help us make needed improvements, while educating our leaders on how to make sure those changes are not just cosmetic.

The first phase of that initiative will begin soon as all active members are asked to complete an assessment of their own values, biases, and beliefs.  That assessment will be analyzed to provide us with an idea of where we are as an organization in advance of our National Convention.  We hope to use the results to inform our DEI Task Force and a possible DEI Committee in its work and to guide the National Fraternity in areas of concern nationwide where resources and education are needed.

By joining with the Professional Fraternity Association (rather than moving quickly on our own), the work we do will mirror work being done by many organizations that are also on our campuses, which should give our chapters a lot of possibilities on your campus to host joint workshops, collaborate across Greek life, and provide a consistent message across our music and band programs and across many majors and professions.  PFA members include Mu Phi Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Iota, Delta Omicron, and Tau Beta Sigma, as well as profession-based societies for a number of disciplines.

Change is necessary and the commitment being made is to make permanent and continuous change to our organization in keeping with our values.  This change is difficult, methodical, and requires connecting us with many partners who can help educate our membership and leadership based on their professional and personal expertise.  Thank you for raising your voices to advocate for changes to our organization and for the many who offered their time and insights to help move Kappa Kappa Psi forward into a better century.


Marco A. Krcatovich II (he/him/his)
National President
Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity

Northeast District Governor Appointment


I wanted to announce the appointment of a Governor to complete the term of office of Sarah Fitzgerald, following her passing.  Our attention throughout her hospitalization was on her, her family, and the many Brothers whose lives were made better by her love and her spirit.  Numerous Brothers stepped up to fill the void, volunteer their time and talents, and lend a shoulder to those of us (myself included) who struggled to manage the emotional load.  To each and every one of those Brothers who showed their love for others in this moment of difficulty – thank you for your humanity and your heart.

It is fitting that the Brother who was chosen to complete this term of office at such a difficult and critical time is someone who embodies humanity and heart.

Marcia “Marci” Jones was initiated into the Northeast District of Kappa Kappa Psi at the University of Connecticut in Spring 2005, during the Northeast District Convention. A native of Miami, Florida, she was originally initiated into the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma at the University of Miami in the Fall of 1989. She is an honorary brother of the Eta Phi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at Syracuse University as well as an honorary sister at the following chapters of Tau Beta Sigma; Eta Delta (Howard University), Epsilon Epsilon (Kutztown University), and Gamma Kappa (University of Connecticut). As a founding board member of the former, National Alumni Association for Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma she served as Vice President.

Mrs. Jones’ service extends beyond Kappa Kappa Psi to the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Marci was appointed by the Mayor of Washington, D.C. as a Community Liaison to the Mayor’s Office for the Columbia Heights/Shaw Collaborative. She is a certified Community Trainer in Washington, D.C. since 1998. Marci has facilitated numerous workshops with a focus on the issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Conflict Resolution, and various community issues and topics. Marci has more than 20 years of experience with government agencies and non-profit organizations implementing process improvement strategies. Ms. Jones has served in several areas professionally from membership coordination and recruiting to administrative operations and personnel security policy. Marci is a Life Member of Tau Beta Sigma. Her other interests include reading, baking, traveling, and a fan of her children’s youth sports (football, basketball, and volleyball). Marci has been married to her husband Ernest C. Jones, II for 23 years and currently resides in Fredericksburg, VA with their 13-year-old son, Trey, and 10-year-old niece, Sofia.

I want to share my thanks to Marci and every Brother who steps up to lead when times are tough.  We are fortunate to continue to have strong leadership and role models in the Northeast District and across our organization.


Marco A. Krcatovich II
National President, 2019-2021

Congratulations to Tau Beta Sigma on their 75th Anniversary!


Today we celebrate one of the most important moments in the college band movement, the founding of our sister organization: Tau Beta Sigma.   On this date in 1946, a charter was granted for Tau Beta Sigma in the State of Oklahoma and the Alpha Chapter was founded at Oklahoma State University.  Today, Tau Beta Sigma thrives from coast to coast and Kappa Kappa Psi is better thanks to our partnership and the special and lifelong bond we share with our Sisters.

For some of us, myself included, we were fortunate enough to work on a campus with a chapter of Tau Beta Sigma and see their work firsthand in shaping the future of college bands and elevating its ensembles, particularly their dedication toward empowering women in the band profession.  If you have Sisters in your life, this is a moment to celebrate with them, to thank them, and to share your love for them and for what they do for our college and university bands.  We are better because of Tau Beta Sigma.  If you do not work with the Sorority or are not lucky enough to have a Sister you can lean on, reach out to a member of the Sorority today and start building that friendship and bond by congratulating them on this incredible anniversary and on all the transformative work they have done for college bands.

To my Sisters, we are proud to be your partners for seventy-five years and look forward to centuries of great progress ahead.  Thank you, congratulations on this incredible moment, and we can’t wait to celebrate in person this summer at the conclusion of our National Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   And to my close friend and partner, Adrienne Rall, thank you for what you do to elevate Kappa Kappa Psi while you continue to take Tau Beta Sigma to new heights and ensure a bright future for the Sorority.

AEA and Much Love In The Bond,

Marco A. Krcatovich II
Honored to be Tau Beta Sigma Life Member # 3,512
Kappa Kappa Psi National President, 2019-2021

PIVOT Guidance UPDATE (January 8, 2021)

January 8, 2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As we begin the new year and our 2021 terms, the National Councils of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma wanted to provide you with updated guidance regarding chapter operations and the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 is continuing to affect our lives, our campuses, and our band programs, and we once again ask that all of our chapters follow the advice of public health experts and the guidance given to you at the campus, local, state, and federal levels, just as you have over the last several months. We recognize that it has not been easy to operate a chapter under such conditions, and we truly appreciate all that you have done to continue to live out our missions and ideals during the pandemic. We are continually inspired by each chapter’s ingenuity, resolve, compassion, and positive presence in the face of great trial. You inspire us! 

Moving into the 2021 terms, please note that the following updates have been made to our PIVOT! Chapter Operations Guide:

  • Some chapters may now be able to host in-person activities/events: Chapters should only host in-person social, service, membership, or fundraising activities/events (with the exception of the Ritual which is still prohibited) during the Spring 2021 Term if the following criteria are in place:
    • Your campus activities office, Dean of Students, Office of Greek Life, or other authorizing body is permitting your chapter to host in-person activities/events on your campus.
    • Your chapter activity/event has been approved by your Director of Bands in writing
    • Your chapter follows all campus, local, state, and federal health and safety guidance.
    • Your chapter does not penalize members who feel uncomfortable attending these activities/events.
  • The waiver for band participation has been extended until July for active members and membership candidates. However, members must still be enrolled in coursework at their college or university in good standing with their university or college.
  • Additional guidance has been added for the Chapter Summary Report. 
  • Additional information has been provided for 2021 District Events.

The National Councils of both Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma know that each campus has its own unique procedure in place for this pandemic, and it is our hope that the information outlined in PIVOT! is easily adaptable to every chapter’s situation. However, we want to emphasize that we are here to assist your chapter and your chapter members. If, after reading the changes above or the full PIVOT! guide you still have questions or concerns, please reach out to your District Counselors/Governors or send us an email at or

As we continue to navigate through the weeks and months ahead, please know that your National Leadership Teams and your National Headquarters Staff are at your service. Our main goal for the rest of the biennium is to help our chapters be successful in our missions and ideals, even though the ways in which we serve may be different for now. If at any point you or your chapter need assistance with anything at all, please contact us. We promise to work with you as you continue to strive for the highest for greater bands.


Marco, Adrienne, and The National Leadership Teams of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma

Apply for the National DEI Task Force

Apply for the National Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force


Thank you for considering an application to the Ad Hoc National Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force (DEI Task Force) to help shape our efforts around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to lay the groundwork for a future standing committee to continue this work into the future. 

The ad hoc task force will serve until July 2021 and all members in good standing are eligible to apply.  The task force will be made up primarily of active members, as they represent the future commitment to this work, and we are seeking outside consultation support on this and other efforts.  Graduating Seniors who anticipate graduating before the 2021 National Convention are eligible to apply under their current membership status, not their status in July.  


The Ad Hoc National Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force (DEI Task Force) will have the following charges:

1. Develop a process for determining the membership for a biennium-long standing committee that represents the full diversity of Kappa Kappa Psi.

2. Lead dialogues in the spring across the Fraternity to discuss our history, current values and practices, and the experience of brothers at the local, district, and national levels.

3. Review current efforts at the national level to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within Kappa Kappa Psi and meet with the National Council and Past Presidents to discuss the history of Kappa Kappa Psi, our processes and procedures, and further steps that can be taken prior to and during the 2021 National Convention to make progress toward our goals.

4. Develop charges for the Standing Committee and present those charges and a selection process to the National Jurisdiction Committee.



Update from National Curriculum Committee

Brothers –

To say that this is an unprecedented time in the history of our world would be an understatement.  The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous effect on all of us, and we know that many of you have a lot of questions and uncertainties about all things associated with Kappa Kappa Psi, as well as with your daily lives.  The Curriculum Committee has been hard at work, coming up with solutions to help all of you navigate the rest of your semesters and ensure that your MCs become Active Brothers by the end of the semester.

You can complete lessons virtually and when they are finished, you should submit your initiation paperwork via the Initiate Registration Report. The actual Ritual can take place when you are allowed to meet in person, which may be in the fall. We recognize that these are extraordinary times and that this is unusual, but this is the best course of action.

The National Headquarters has posted some information on how to accomplish the tasks that need to be accomplished by the end of the semester; you can find it at  Also, please know that membership classes CANNOT continue into the fall.  Plan to have your MCs finish the Road to Wisdom over the course of this semester and become Active Brothers by the end of the school year.

We encourage you to check out the Kappa Kappa Psi TV YouTube page, located at; it has a few sample lessons taught by VPMs from across the country.  We are constantly working to update this, with the goal that eventually, all lessons will be available for you to watch and share with your MCs.  If this is not possible, or you need help figuring out how to get lessons taught virtually to your MCs, please reach out to the Curriculum Committee at, and we will help you get the resources that you need.  In addition, we are available to potentially teach some lessons for you, should that be a necessity.

Please know that all of us that are in leadership roles are here to help you.  We will all work together and get through this difficult time, and at the end of the day, ensure that all of you have what you need.  Do not hesitate to reach out at any time with any questions or concerns; all questions are appropriate at this time!  We love all of you and are on your side, as we continue to Strive For The Highest!!

Cancellation of 2020 District Conventions

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we continue to monitor the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the National Councils and Boards of Trustees of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma have made the difficult decision to cancel all six in-person District Conventions. We understand that this may be extremely disappointing to our members, especially to those of you who spent many long hours planning these events. Please know that we have made the decision to cancel conventions with the best of intentions, as the health and safety of our active, alumni, and life members and their loved ones is of the utmost importance.

This pandemic is an unprecedented situation for our organizations, and we thank you for your flexibility and patience as we all navigate it together. Below you can find information relating to next steps for chapters and for those who were registered for these conventions.


The joint national councils have created a task force to assist us with the preparations needed to host virtual conventions for all districts affected by cancellations. Virtual conventions for District business will take place on the Saturday and Sunday of the originally planned in-person conventions:

  • Northeast District: Saturday, March 21 – Sunday, March 22
  • Midwest District: Saturday, March 21 – Sunday, March 22
  • Western District: Saturday, March 28 – Sunday, March 29
  • North Central District: Saturday, April 4 – Sunday, April 5
  • Southeast District Convention: Saturday, April 4 – Sunday, April 5
  • Southwest District Convention: Saturday, April 18 – Sunday, April 19

In addition to the virtual conventions for District business, the task force is also assisting us in planning a larger nation-wide virtual event in late April. All chapter members will be invited to participate in this weekend of workshops, collaboration, and celebration of our organizations.

Chapters should plan to have chapter members attend both the virtual District business convention and the nation-wide virtual event. More guidance, as well as schedules and activities for all events, will be released soon.


Our National Headquarters staff will work to issue refunds to all District Convention registrants affected by these cancellations. All registrants will receive a direct email from a National Headquarters Staff member with more information regarding their refund(s). It may take some time to issue all refunds, so we appreciate your patience as they are processed.


Please remember to cancel your hotel reservations as soon as possible, as this is not something that anyone can manage for you. If you booked within the reserved hotel block for a convention, those cancellations will need to be made at least three days prior to the date of check-in.


The District-based Local Alumni Associations will also have virtual conventions concurrent with the active members on the weekend of the originally planned in-person conventions.  The ΚΚΨAA Board of Directors and the ΤΒΣAA Executive Council will be sending out information to their members, as well as coordinating with the District-based LAAs to develop virtual conventions in which they can conduct their necessary business, connect with graduating seniors, and provide development opportunities for their district alumni.

If you have any concerns surrounding the conventions or chapter operations as we move forward, please continue to reach out to the following email addresses for assistance: or Your email will be directed to the appropriate person or persons!

The National Leadership Teams of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma are committed to walking hand-in-hand with you during these uncertain times. We will continue to send updates to our membership as we work through questions about chapter operations and provide more details for the virtual conventions and the nation-wide virtual event. We ask that you continue to check our websites and social media for these updates.

As we continue on into uncharted territory, we want to thank each of you for the remarkable flexibility, understanding, and strength you have shown so far. Band members, current and former, know how to adapt on the fly and how to make the best of any given situation, so that is what we intend to do.