Month of Musicianship

National Month of Musicianship 2021


It has been wonderful seeing our Chapters recharging their band programs and sharing their love of music with both their campuses and all of us.  This November, as we celebrate both the Month of Musicianship and the month of our founding, I encourage you to reflect on these questions and ideas over the next several weeks:

  • Week 1:  Tone:  How are you improving the tone of your band program, both musically and in how you help your band programs conduct themselves?
  • Week 2:  Articulation:  What vision of musicianship in Kappa Kappa Psi are you articulating on your campus?
  • Week 3:  Duration:  How are you recruiting not just to your Chapters, but to your band programs?
  • Week 4:  Beauty:  What performances are you engaging in on your campuses that showcase the qualities of music that pass beyond words?
  • Week 5:  Harmony:  What are you doing in your band programs to create harmony in the realistic and idealistic senses of the word?
Please stay tuned to social media over the next month, as we host programming, share what these things mean to your leadership team, and have you share with us all what you’re doing on your campuses.  When you’re posting about your Month of Musicianship events, use the hashtag #strikeupthebands!

Happy Month of Musicianship, and let’s celebrate it with beauty and passion!


Ed Savoy
National Vice President for Programs