Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee or “SAC” is one of the standing committees of the National Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi (Bylaw 3.701). The SAC is comprised of all current District Officers and is chaired by the National Vice President for Student Affairs. The SAC meets at times prescribed by the chairperson to discuss issues facing the National organization and the National Chapter that aren’t being discussed by any other committees.

“The National Student Advisory Committee and its Chairperson, the National Vice President for Student Affairs, shall meet prior to and during the National Convention at times prescribed by the chairperson, to discuss the affairs and issues of the National Convention and the National Chapter. In addition, the committee will review any issues of the convention and the National Chapter that are not being discussed in any other standing or special committees and submit its recommendations to the National Chapter. Furthermore, the Committee shall serve as an open forum for all District Officers to interact directly with the National level of the Fraternity and discuss any topics, issues, and ideas that are conceived from the district leadership, and the active and associate student membership. The committee’s membership shall consist of all current District Officers in attendance at the National Convention.” (Bylaw 3.711)

Members of the 2020-2021 SAC

NED President

Patrick Sullivan

TarShae Odom

Jack Gornick

Nicole Gage

T.J. Coleman

Jacob Coughlin

Matthew Quezada

Anthony Goodin

Katrina Marek

Megan Meng

Ayleen Sanchez

Glenna Fulitano

Ike Ireland

Madeline Lee

Laurel Wardell

Serin Park

Martin Murungi

Luke Boudreau

Reilly Hesseltine

Sean Hargis

Grant Winternheimer

Angela DiMatteo

Patrick Caraveo

Tracy Kidwell

Deena Ereifej

Joey Sacino

Cole Brumbelow

Grace Schell

Liz Duncan

Chair - Bang Co

2020 - 2021