Ritual Education Committee


Bang Co (ADVISOR) Alpha Zeta
Abigail Johnson (ADVISOR) Zeta Epsilon
Garrett Gardenhire (CHAIR) Lambda
Spencer Bacjar (VICE CHAIR) Alpha Iota
Emma Kilbreath Iota Lambda
Nick Annan Zeta Chi
Luis Manjarrez Iota Pi
Andrew Kinsey Iota Kappa
Jessica Needham Eta Sigma
Darion Breland Zeta Eta
Joshua Schalk Beta Rho
Alaina Peters Beta Omicron
Kayden Pintarelli Nu omicron
Keelia Decker Iota Delta
Haylie Pryson Delta Upsilon
Shawn McNeill Theta Tau
Catarina Tran Gamma Zeta
Mason Thomas Lambda
Bryant Ward Delta Psi
Emily Copeland Epsilon Beta


Ritual Performance & Education Committee Charges 2021-2023

  • Provide support to chapters by answering questions via the ritualeducation@kkpsi.org  email in a timely manner (within 72 hours).
  • Develop a set of workshops that the RPEC can facilitate both virtually over zoom and or in person at conventions.  Topics should include:
    • Performance of the Ritual
    • A workshop over each degree
    • A workshop over the implementation of the Inner Circle
    • Other workshops, as deemed appropriate by the committee
  • Evaluate the use of all activities within the Inner Circle and develop any recommendations for changes to the Inner Circle to be approved by the 2023 Ritual and Regalia Committee. 
  • Serve as Ritual Performance consultants for all district conventions and the 2023 National Convention.
  • Prepare a report for each quarter of the committee’s work to be shared with the National Council and posted on the National Website (redacted if needed).