Officers’ “Need to Know”

The following checklist should be used as a reminder and as a guide. It is designed to assist you as a chapter officer.


The proper use of the National Headquarters forms which require an accompanying check will make your job much easier. All required reports and forms must be submitted/approved through the Online Membership & Reporting System. Other order forms are available for downloaded from the National Headquarters website. Instructions are provided on each form to insure quick and efficient handling of all chapter business. Please retain a copy of each form submitted to the National Headquarters for your chapter files.


The Annual Chapter Fee should be submitted as early as possible and should be accompanied by membership dues for each member. If submitted to the National Headquarters by SEPTEMBER 30, your chapter meets a basic National requirement and is eligible to apply for certain national awards. The National Headquarters does not accept half-year membership dues or dues for a person who is not listed on your master roster. Transfer students and/or other name changes should be explained to prevent any delay in processing your active member cards. Every person who participates as a member of the chapter must have an active membership card. Failure to report by the September 30 deadline will result in a 25% late fee and the chapter being placed on probation.


The proper registration of new members requires timely reporting. Failure to report new members within 30 days of the date of initiation will result in a 25% penalty being assessed and delays proper recognition of new members. Accurate and complete paperwork, including initiation date, is required to process new member materials.


Three (3) reports must be submitted to the National Headquarters each year. The chapter president will assume the responsibility for submitting the Chapter personnel Report, together with all dues and fees, no later than SEPTEMBER 30, the Fall Activity Report no later than DECEMBER 1, and the Chapter Summary Report no later than JUNE 1.


The National Headquarters has created a free and permanent e-mail account for each chapter. Make sure you have claimed your official e-mail address, and use this account for all e-communications with National Headquarters.
In order to facilitate communication between chapters and the National Headquarters, an official e-mail account has been created for every chapter. This account is free and permanent, with an easy-to-remember address, and because it belongs to the chapter and not to a particular individual, your chapter will not have to change its e-mail address when personnel or officers change. Your official chapter e-mail address is simply the name of your chapter spelled as one word in lower case letters, followed by “” (for example, “”).

You must activate your account in order to use it. To activate it, simply e-mail and inform them that you wish to activate your official chapter email account. You will be given instructions on how to activate it change the password as well as how to access the account via an existing email program or via a web browser. We suggest that the account be claimed by the Chapter President, although it can be claimed by any officer. We also strongly recommend that you create a new password for your account. Once you have activated your e-mail account, Please notify National Headquarters so that the address can be listed in the on-line Chapter Directory. You can use your existing e-mail application with this account. Be sure and record your password in a safe place so that future officers can access the account after your term of office expires!


Each time new officers are elected and installed, the National Headquarters should be notified through use of Officer & Chapter Update in the Online Membership & Reporting System. It is the responsibility of the Chapter President to submit this information to the National Headquarters.


Directory information is collected throughout the year in order to update the online National Chapter Directory. Please inform the National Headquarters of all changes of mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers as soon as possible. The Directory will be only as current as the information submitted.


The PODIUM provides your chapter an opportunity to have your articles published in a national magazine. Articles worthy of publication are personality profiles, outstanding projects or activities, editorial comments and articles on specific topics related to the band member experience. Copy deadline dates are November 1 and May 1.
The PODIUM is delivered to your chapter in a bulk shipment by UPS (United Parcel Service). UPS requires a physical address for delivery and cannot deliver to a US Postal Service box. Make sure you have a correct UPS mail- ing address on file at the National Headquarters to insure proper delivery. When The PODIUM is delivered to your chapter, PLEASE be sure that copies are distributed to all members.


Nominations for awards may be submitted throughout the year to the National Headquarters. Specific information on awards is located on the Fraternity Awards page.


Write the minutes first in pencil and after they have been adopted, type them on a “Minute Sheet.” Place them in the chapter binder or some other permanent file for future reference. These do not need to be sent to the National Headquarters.


Check your supply of materials provided by the National Headquarters. If you need any items, please notify your Treasurer so he/she may order them. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


A report of the chapter treasurer should be given at each meeting. Be sure to report what you have accomplished and not what you intend to accomplish. Your report to the chapter does not need to be lengthy; it could be as simple as the following:

Balance of Last Report $________
Total Receipts $________
Less Total Expenditures $________
Current Balance $________

Please be sure to retain a copy of every financial transaction. It is important to stay current and to be prepared to assist your successor when your term of office has ended.