Stanley G. Finck Memorial Award

This award was created to honor those individuals who exemplify the spirit of joint cooperation that Mr. Finck consistently demonstrated. This award is to be one of the highest honors that someone in either organization can receive. The award will be given only once a biennium per organization.

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Award Recipients

1999 Gwen Wilburn National Headquarters Administrator, 1978-1999
2001 Dale Croston National Alumni Association (NAA) Board Chairman, 1997-2003
2003 Peter Murray National Listserv Editor, 1988-Present
2005 Wava Henry Founder, Tau Beta Sigma, 1946-Present
2007 Dr. Andrea Strauss Director of Bands, Georgia Institute of Technology
2009 Dixie Mosier-Greene National Headquarters Administrator, 1999-2008
2011 Scott Stowell Kappa Kappa Psi Past National President
2013 Lisa Croston ΤΒΣ Board of Trustees, National Historian
2015 Melvin N. Miles, Jr. Past National President, ΚΚΨ (1993-1995)
2017 Kathy Godwin
Kris Wright
Past National President, ΤΒΣ (2005-2007)
Western District Counselor (2000-2010)
2019 Adam Cantley Past National President, ΚΚΨ (2011-2013)
2021 Jen DiBenedetto ΤΒΣ 75th Anniversary Celebration Committee Chairperson
ΚΚΨ Centennial Committee Member