Expansion Committee


Bang Co (EX-OFFICIO) Alpha Zeta
Jack Lee (ADVISOR) Delta Sigma
Ken Corbett (CHAIR) Zeta Chi
Makenzie Darby (VICE CHAIR) Alpha
TJ Tooley (HQ/EX-OFFICIO) Kappa Iota
Daniel Miller Omicron
Jack Gornick Alpha Zeta
Megan Meng Iota Kappa
Anthony Shelton Nu Kappa
James Washburn III Iota Zeta
Nick Hoskins Alpha Nu
Alex Thompson Mu Nu
Brian Parker Iota Psi
Michael Ireland Nu Omicron
Chris Pratt Delta Omicron
Dana McCarty Gamma Kappa/Beta Omicron
Dr. Daniel Cook Kappa Mu
Laura Hatcher Nu Nu
Bryan Nalls Kappa Kappa
Noah Driehorst Beta Rho
Andrew Pearson Alpha Rho
Erika Goss Nu Zeta
Kyle Bacchus Theta Theta
Lauren Regnell Alpha Nu
Jose Perez Lambda Psi
Joe Figliolo Mu Eta
Mason Vincent Alpha Psi


Expansion Committee Charges 2021-2023

  • Provide support to chapters by answering questions via the expansion@kkpsi.org email in a timely manner (within 72 hours).
  • Create expansion materials that can be printed and emailed to interested or potential universities.
  • Generate a list of potential colleges and universities for Kappa Kappa Psi to target for expansion, with a rationale for why the institution should be targeted.
  • Create a rubric or list of criteria to use when considering expansion applications.
  • Review the expansion process as it is currently laid out and provide feedback to the VPME on potential changes or edits.
  • Create expansion lesson materials (powerpoints, handouts, lesson outlines, etc) as directed by the VPME.
  • Create a post-expansion program that provides additional support to new chapters in the semester following installation.
  • Prepare a report for each quarter of the committee’s work to be shared with the National Council and posted on the National Website (redacted if needed).