Distinguished Service To Music Medal

The Distinguished Service to Music Medal is the highest award presented by the Fraternity. It was instituted in 1963 to honor outstanding individual contributions to bands. The areas of recognition include: composition, concert band, marching band, instrumental music education, artist performer, industrial research and progress, contributing laymen, alumni achievement, and fraternity service. Nominations are accepted by the National Council at any time and should include a letter of nomination, a resume, and letters of recommendation from individuals who know the nominee well.

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Award Recipients


For outstanding contributions to original music, transcriptions, or arrangements for band that are accepted nationally. Recipient would most probably be a composer or arranger.

1963-65 Morton Gould
1965-67 Karl L. King
1969-71 Lucien Caillet
1971-73 Robert Jager
1975-77 Robert Bennett
1983-85 Charles Carter
1985-87 Clare Grundman
1987-89 W. Francis McBeth
Claude T. Smith
Fisher Tull
1989-91 Alfred Reed
1991-93 James Barnes
H. Owen Reed
1999-2001 Frank Tichelli
2005-2007 Karel Husa
Donald Grantham
2009-2011 Adam Gorb
Mark Camphouse
2017-2019 Julie Giroux
2021-2023 Robert W. Smith

Concert Band

For national recognition in any and all of the following: instrumental clinics, guest conducting, publication, etc.

1963-65 William D. Revelli
Frank Simon
1965-67 Harold Bachman
1967-69 Clarence Sawhill
1969-71 Richard Goldman
1971-73 Mark Hindsley
1977-79 Raymond Dvorak
Frederick Fennell
Col. Arnald Gabriel
1981-83 Al Wright
1985-87 Harry Begian
Col. John Bourgeois
John Paynter
1987-89 Ray Cramer
1989-91 Hugh McMillen
1991-93 Kenneth G. Bloomquist
Richard Strange
1993-95 H. Robert Reynolds
James Sudduth
1995-97 Frank B. Wickes
Don Wilcox
Richard Worthington
1997-99 Dr. James Croft
1999-2001 Robert Foster
Gary Garner
John Whitwell
2005-2007 Craig Kirchoff
James F. Keene
Dr. Johnnie Vinson
2009-2011 Dr. Joseph P. Missal
William V. Johnson
2011-2013 Dr. William K. Wakefield

Marching Band

For national recognition in any or all of the following: marching clinics, publications, and/or marching innovations.

1963-65 Eugene Weigel
1965-67 Glenn C. Bainum
1969-71 Jack Lee
1971-73 William Foster
William Moffitt
1979-81 Truman Crawford
1981-83 Al Wright
1993-95 Conrad Hutchinson, Jr.
1999-2001 Keith Bearden
Dr. Robert “Coach” Fleming
Gary E. Smith
2005-2007 Issac Greggs
Dr. Jack R. Anderson
2007-2009 George N. Parks
Jon R. Woods
2009-2011 Dr. David Patrick Dunnigan
Dr. Julian White
2019-2021 Thomas P. Hannum

Instrumental Music Education

For outstanding contributions in the fields of instrumental clinics, publications, and other matters pertaining to music education, or for national recognition of an elementary or secondary school band program.

1963-65 H.E. Nutt
Paul Yoder
1967-69 Manley Whitcomb
1969-71 Robert Arthur
1971-73 Bertram Francis
1975-77 Hiram Henry
1979-81 John Long
1983-85 Richard Bowles
1989-91 James K. Copenhaver
Stanley F. Michalski, Jr.
1991-93 Walter M. Chesnut
Thomas Henry Delaine
Emery L. Fears
Henry Levy
1997-99 James Jacobsen
Elden Janzen
Gary Langford
Dr. Clifford Madsen
1999-2001 Fred Hemke
Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
2001-2003 Ken Singleton
Melvin Miles, Jr.
Alfred Sergel, III
2003-2005 Melborn Nixon
2005-2007 Paul Droste
Bentley Shellahammer
2009-2011 Dr. David Gregory
Earl Dunn
2013-2015 Richard Floyd

Artist Performer

For outstanding contributions by an artist on a particular band instrument, through the media of guest performances and clinic appearances.

1963-65 Sigurd Rascher
1965-67 Leonard Smith
1967-69 Leonard Falcone
1969-71 Carl H. “Doc” Severinsen
1971-73 Eugene Rousseau
1977-79 Harvey Phillips

Industrial Research and Progress / Industry

For a manufacturer, publisher, or their representatives, who have made technical advancements or outstanding national contributions to the band field.

1963-65 Earl Kent
1967-69 Nels Vogel
1969-71 Traugott Rohner
1971-73 Nilo Harvey
1999-2001 Jim Cochrane
2005-2007 Steve West
2009-2011 Mark Morette
2021-2023 Dr. Mark Spede

Contributing Layman

For outstanding contributions on a national scale to the band field by persons who are not professional band directors or performers.

1963-65 Meredith Wilson
1965-67 Guggenheim Family of New York
1967-69 Adolph Ostwald
1971-73 Forrest McAlister
1975-77 Robert Kamm
1983-85 Louis Sudler
1989-91 James G. Saied

Alumni Achievement

For outstanding contributions to the national band scene by a graduated member of the Fraternity.

1963-65 Herman B. Wells
1965-67 F. Lee Bowling
1989-91 Hugh McMillen
2017-2019 Alfred Watkins

Fraternity Service

Recognizing outstanding service or contributions to the growth and development of the Fraternity by one of its members.

1963-65 A. Frank & Grace Martin
1965-67 J. Lee Burke
William Scroggs
1969-71 Donald Moore
1971-73 D.O. Wiley
1989-91 Hugh McMillen
Max and Susan Mitchell
1991-93 Stanley G. Finck
1995-97 Kenneth M. Corbett
2001-2003 Christopher Haughee
2007-2009 Scott E. Stowell
2011-2013 Wava Banes Henry
2015-2017 Dr. Malinda Matney
2017-2019 Derrick Mills
Dr. Kirk Randazzo
2019-2021 Brent Cannon
Daniel A. George



2005-2009 Don McGinnis
Dr. William Gora
2007-2009 Joseph Hermann
2009-2011 Lt.Col. Alan L. Bonner
Michael Haithcock
Jerry F. Junkin
2011-2013 Paula Crider
Eugene Migliaro Corporon
2013-2015 Gary W. Hill
2015-2017 Dr. Michael Golemo

Gary D. Green
Ray Lichtenwalter
Dennis Zeisler
Arthur Himmelberger
Scott Weiss