Membership Education Activity Review

There are several opportunities within The Road to Wisdom that provides an outlet for Chapters to customize. The Membership Education Activity Review Form is an area where Chapters can submit an activity they would like to do as a part of the curriculum that is not a provided or suggested activity. After the form is submitted:

    • The local District Governor(s) will receive the form, review it and send it along to the National Vice President of Membership and Expansion (NVPME).

    • Once the NVPME receives the document, they will review the comments of the District Governor(s) to make a decision whether or not to approve the activity.

  • This will take up to seven (7) to ten (10) days to review and make a decision, please be patient.
    • It is the responsibility of the Vice President of Membership to ensure this form is submitted in a timely manner, and not the day before the activity is expected to take place.
    • It is suggested that once the calendar is set for the Membership Candidates with the Curriculum Advisor, that Chapters begin to submit their activities to the link below:

Access the Activity Review Form here.