Our National Curriculum: The Road to Wisdom is the result of years of work by national experts to develop a uniform, professionally designed, and flexible education program for Membership Candidates across the country at campuses large and small. Hard work like that takes a lot of hands and as chapter members; we have a role in supporting this transition and our fellow brothers. Your Membership Candidates are the future of your chapter, and it is our duty to ensure the future. The Road to Wisdom may look a lot like your current membership education program or look drastically different, but the fact that every chapter is using it will make those differences melt away as we work and learn together.

What is My Role?

Membership Education is not one brother’s responsibility. It is the responsibility of each and every brother to support the process, encourage our newest brothers during their candidacy, and create an environment of learning while often learning some new things of their own. The Road to Wisdom has every brother participate in at least two lessons, and the curriculum is designed so many brothers can join and even teach lessons. You may also serve as mentors to Membership Candidates which means not only are you the cheerleader for The Road to Wisdom and their educational process, but you are their personal cheerleader – giving them the support and mentorship and love that comes from our Ritual and our values.

The Road to Wisdom is available for you to read at any time, and you are encouraged to check it out and spend some time learning more about the Fraternity. You may not be a Vice President of Membership this term, but you can help support the education process.

Supporting Change

Embedded in “Striving for the Highest” is a simple truth: Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi are enthusiastic for change and constant improvement. It is at the core of our Ritual. But change isn’t easy. The Road to Wisdom is a big transition for our Brotherhood, and while some things may be different, we have to be leaders for change. Anything in Membership Education that deviates from the National Curriculum will need to be approved, but that gives the chapter an opportunity to properly document your events and ensure they fully comply with our policies. The curriculum has standardized lessons, but it is also very flexible, and you are encouraged to use the framework in innovative and engaging ways. The curriculum is mandatory, but this also means that Vice Presidents and education committees are not reinventing the wheel or forgetting to teach a valuable lesson or needing to spend hours coming up with material for a lesson.

As brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi, we need to be enthusiastic for change and eager to constantly improve our bands, chapters, and the world. Be a positive voice in this process, and encourage your brothers, including your chapter alumni, to take advantage of this change. Use the materials to learn more about the brotherhood or to relearn things you have forgotten. Come up with ways to bring these lessons into regular chapter life and to apply their teachings to your work. Above all, be that voice for change and support our brothers as they travel along The Road to Wisdom.

Reaching Out

You may have questions or concerns – don’t hesitate to contact the Curriculum Development Committee ( Your Vice President of Membership will have support from a trained Curriculum Advisor as well as the National Leadership Team, so be that same support for both the VPM and the Membership Candidate class.