National Committee on Curriculum Development


Chair Paula Kyser Iota Lambda
Vice Chair Ayleen Sanchez Alpha Chi
Member (Alumni) Ken Corbett Zeta Chi
Member (Alumni) Daniel George Delta Sigma
Member (Alumni) Jordan Barnes Iota Xi
Member (Alumni) Miaka Kemp Kappa Mu
Member (Alumni) Ike Ireland Nu Omicron
Member (Alumni) Elissa Travis Beta Omicron
Member (Alumni) Dana McCarthy Gamma Kappa/Beta Omicron
Member (Alumni) Glenna Fulitano Epsilon Omega
Member (Alumni) Kaitlyn Colyer Nu
Member (Active) Vivek Mirchandani Theta Beta
Member (Active) Javon Thompson Zeta Phi
Member (Active) Jonathan Sadler Delta Upsilon
Member (Active) Savanna Perry Alpha Sigma
Member (Active) Sara Harnish Gamma
Advisor Dr. Nic Rorrer Eta Beta/Xi
Advisor TJ Tooley Kappa Iota
Advisor Evan Thompson Zeta Chi
Advisor Miranda Cook Omicron
Ex-Officio Bang Co Alpha Zeta


  1. Membership Engagement and Feedback Subcommittee
    • Include all District Vice Presidents of Membership as automatic members of the Committee to facilitate better communication and collaboration between the committee and the six districts.
    • Establish efficient feedback collection mechanisms and regularly incorporate suggestions for improvement into curriculum updates.
  2. Resource Development Subcommittee
    • Continue to edit and refine the “Our Diversity Matters Lesson” to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.
    • Create appropriate Google Slides resources for both new lessons, “Our Diversity Matters” and “Our Sisters Matter,” as well as other support materials for chapter Vice Presidents of Membership.
    • Focus on recruitment and retention strategies in support of the Strive for 5 program within these materials.
    • Work with the National HQ Membership and Expansion coordinator to make our events bank accessible and digestible.
  3. Compliance Subcommittee
    • Continue to edit personally identifiable information (PII) from approved activities as they are submitted and approved.
    • Ensure that all curriculum materials adhere to privacy and compliance standards, protecting the personal information of members.
  4. Strive for Five Subcommittee
    • Further develop and enhance membership recruitment and retention resources for all chapters.
    • Collaborate with other committee members to ensure that curriculum materials align with the Strive for Five program and provide chapters with effective tools and strategies to achieve their membership goals.
    • Work with the VPME and communication committee to prepare ‘one-pagers’ or other templates detailing best practices and recruitment events.
  5. Training and Development Subcommittee
    • Provide at least one (1) live training workshop once every three months.
    • Ensure that these workshops align with the National Biennium Plan as laid out by National President Bang Co and can be conducted as livestreams or in-person sessions at larger events such as district conventions.

Quarterly Reports