National Committee on Chapter Operations


Chair Jacob Welper Iota Omega
Vice Chair Kristen Davis Nu Gamma
Member (Alumni) Zara Simpson TBS – Beta Eta
Member (Alumni) Bryan Flippin Theta Tau
Member (Alumni) Adam Cantley Omicron
Member (Alumni) Kelly Nellis Kappa Alpha
Member (Alumni) Deena Ereifej Alpha Omega
Member (Alumni) Hortencia Hernandez Beta Alpha
Member (Alumni) Chris Curran Beta Omicron
Member (Alumni) Jensen Amens Theta
Member (Active) Crosbee Lisser Eta
Member (Active) Matt Kelley Nu Xi
Member (Active) Samonté Williams Epsilon Psi
Member (Active) Henry Harris Nu Iota
Advisor Nicole Brooks Eta Sigma
Advisor Jake January Alpha
Advisor Kennedy Struck Mu Nu
Advisor Michael Blander Iota Delta
Ex-Officio Bang Co Alpha Zeta


  1. Membership Engagement and Feedback Subcommittee
    • Collaborate with the Data Assessment Committee to actively solicit feedback from stakeholders able to guide conversations about the Active memberships’ most immediate needs related to chapter operations.
    • Facilitate regular communication channels with Active members, alumni, and other stakeholders to gather feedback on chapter operations and make recommendations for improvements.
  2. Resource Accessibility Subcommittee
    • Ensure that resources meeting branding standards are consistently posted on OPUS and the national website for easy access by the Active membership.
    • Collaborate with the DEIA Committee to develop and maintain an organized online repository of chapter resources and materials, regularly updating and categorizing them for easy access.
  3. Resource Development Subcommittee
    • Pursue the creation of more ‘one-page’ resources that can be easily consumed by chapter members.
    • Work on condensing and simplifying existing materials to create one-page guides and infographics that address key chapter needs and information.
  4. Review and Recommendations Subcommittee
    • Make recommendations for any changes to paperwork standards, deadlines, and reports at the 2025 National Convention to the National Council and the Jurisdiction Committee, if necessary.
    • Communicate with other National Committees to develop a list of resources needed to support other chapter leadership positions.
  5. Training and Development Subcommittee
    • Provide at least one (1) live training workshop once every three months.
    • Coordinate live training workshops that align with the National Biennium Plan and can be conducted as livestreams or in-person sessions at larger events such as district conventions. Ensure that these workshops address the most immediate needs of active membership related to chapter operations.

Quarterly Reports