CBDNA Intercollegiate Marching Band 2021

Calling all Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi and Sisters of Tau Beta Sigma!

After an unprecedented season for college marching bands across the country, the College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) is extremely excited to announce the CBDNA Intercollegiate Marching Band (IMB)! Nearly 1,500 talented performers from 200 college bands and numerous KKY/TBS chapters across the country will keep the spirit alive by performing virtually together. The video will premiere online on the CBDNA-IMB YouTube channel on the day of the College Football Playoff National Championship game on Jan. 11, 2021.

We know many of you have seen information about this incredible endeavor and have inquired about how to help.

Here are three ways to promote and support the IMB.

  1. Encourage Donations

By clicking the link below, donations can be made to support your brothers and sisters from across the country in this historic performance.


Donors will be recognized with a credit in the official video! Your name will be attached to this moment forever.

Individual chapters can also rally behind their members with their own customized donation link. Thank you to the Texas Christian University chapter for being the first group to initiate this option. To receive a custom chapter link for the FansRaise IMB campaign, contact Brian Gilbert at brian@fansraise.com.

“AirMail” videos are a fun way to lend support. For only a $10 donation, the IMB and CollegeMarching.com social media accounts will post a 30-second video from you. After you make your donation, send an email to Michael Barasch at michael@collegemarching.com with a screenshot of your donation receipt and the shoutout video that you would like to have posted.

  1. Share Our Press Release

Attached to this email/post, you will find the official press release about the IMB performance. The release includes a list of every participating band. Help us distribute the press release to your local media, both within the schools and to mainstream TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine organizations in your vicinity. Feel free to add a paragraph that explains your support. Please also post the news release on your official websites.

  1. Follow and Post on Social Media

You can follow the IMB on Instagram and Facebook at @intercollegiatemb and on Twitter at @intercollegemb to see member spotlights, video previews, behind-the-scenes clips, and more! Also, make sure to subscribe to the Intercollegiate Marching Band YouTube channel.

If any members of your chapter are involved in this project, highlight their participation with social media posts or share the member spotlights for your school that can be found on IMB social media pages.

Attached are graphics and below are sample captions that you can use to post about the IMB and your involvement on your social media pages.