Bohumil Makovsky Memorial Award

The Bohumil Makovsky Memorial Award was first presented in 1979 to honor outstanding conductors in the college bands. “Boh” was the Director of Bands and Head of the Music Department at Oklahoma State University from 1915 until 1945 and is considered to be “The Guiding Spirit of Kappa Kappa Psi.” The recipient of this award is selected by a vote of the National Council.

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Award Recipients

—- Gustav Bruder Ohio State University
—- John E. Howard University of North Dakota
—- Oscar Lehrer University of Oklahoma
—- Donald E. McGinnis Ohio State University
—- Hugh McMillen University of Colorado
—- Max A. Mitchell Oklahoma State University
—- Donald I. Moore Baylor University
—- William D. Revelli University of Michigan
—- C.M. Stookey Eastern New Mexico University
—- Charles Strain West Texas A&M University
—- J.B. Vandaworker Butler University
—- William R. Wehrend University of Oklahoma
—- Manley Whitcomb Florida State University
—- D.O. Wiley Texas Tech University
—- Stanley G. Finck Kansas State University
1981 Gary T. Garner West Texas A&M University
1983 Donald L. Wolf Northern Arizona University
1985 David L. Oakley University of Missouri, Rolla
1987 Allan McMurray University of Colorado
1989 Mark S. Kelly Bowling Green State University
1991 Ray E. Cramer Indiana University
1993 Robert C. Fleming Arizona State University
1995 James Croft Florida State University
1997 James Barnes University of Kansas
1999 Gene Thrailkill University of Oklahoma
2001 Don Wilcox West Virginia University
2005 John Whitwell Michigan State University
2007 Paula Crider University of Texas
2009 James Copenhaver University of South Carolina
2011 Frank Wickes Louisiana State University
2013 Craig Kirchhoff University of Minnesota
2014 Donald Abbott Clarion University
2017 H. Robert Reynolds University of Michigan / University of Southern California
2019 Joseph P. Missal Oklahoma State University