Visit Planning

Greetings, Chapter President! Your CFR is looking forward to meeting you and working with your chapter. If planned effectively, a CFR visit can be a great way to take your chapter to the next level and address any issues you may be having.

You are the point person for the entire visit. Please make sure that you stay on top of things and do your best to make the visit run as smoothly as possible. Below are some helpful guidelines for preparing and scheduling the visit. Please note that the CFR would like to meet with your Director of Bands, Sponsor(s), all chapter officers, the current or most recent membership candidate class, and any other brothers who would like to meet. Please note there are several forms that must be completed prior to the visit. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions leading up to the visit.

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How To Prepare For A CFR Visit

If you have not already done so, please confirm the visit with the CFR. This allows the CFR to know you have begun to prepare for your visit.

Notify your Director of Bands, Sponsor(s), and chapter that a CFR will be visiting during the semester. It is important to notify the chapter members as soon as possible so they can work on making themselves available for the day. With that being said, we understand if members have class, work, or prior engagements. Just let the CFR know if the Director of Bands, Sponsor(s), or a chapter officer is unable to meet. In this case, the CFR may be able to schedule a phone or email conversation.

Review the visit planning material and create a visit schedule for the day(s). Please provide the schedule for the CFR as well as the chapter. Refer to the CFR’s notification email for the time they will arrive on campus.

Ensure all officers complete their respective forms and complete the Chapter Self-Analysis form as a chapter. Officers can find their forms using this link

Provide parking and arrival information for the CFR. Campus maps are always helpful!

  • Where should the CFR park?
  • Will the CFR need a visitor’s pass? The CFR is able to cover parking fees, but free passes are greatly appreciated!
  • Who will the CFR meet when they arrive on campus and where will they be meeting this individual? It is always helpful to provide a phone number for this individual in case the CFR gets lost.

Please send a copy of the visit schedule to the CFR two weeks prior to your scheduled visit.

Please schedule meetings with your Director of Bands, Sponsor(s), all chapter officers, and allow time for a 45-minute meeting with the whole chapter. If you want to have the full chapter meeting during your regularly scheduled chapter meeting, please add 45 minutes to the time you normally spend in a chapter meeting. If your Director of Bands and Sponsor(s) are the same person, you will only need to schedule 20 minutes for that meeting.

Non-Mandatory Recommendations/Ideas

  • Membership Education Meeting
  • Campus Tour
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with Brothers
  • Social Event
  • Service Project/Fundraiser
  • Ritual Rehearsal or Performance
  • Music Rehearsal or Performance

Below is a sample schedule of a CFR visit. If your chapter is scheduled for a two-day visit, feel free to spread out some of the meetings. Two-day visits allow for more active member meetings if these brothers are available.

You will want to take into consideration that the CFR has most likely not visited your campus before. If the CFR is required to walk to different buildings on campus it might take them longer to find their next destination. If it is a long walk in between meetings you will want to leave some time in between in the schedule so the next officer’s time is not taken up by the CFR having to walk across campus. Campus maps are always helpful for locating buildings and parking.Things to keep in mind when putting together the visit schedule:

  • Please be sure to leave time for the CFR to eat lunch and dinner during the visit. If brothers are available to have lunch or dinner with the CFR, the CFR would love to meet as much of the chapter as possible.
  • If possible, reserve rooms for the officer meetings. This allows for less distractions and a quiet place to converse with the CFR.
  • It is helpful to include names/phone numbers for the officers in case the CFR needs to get ahold of them at any point during the visit.

We have a chapter function or band event scheduled for the day of the visit; can we reschedule?

If there is a potential conflict with the scheduled visit day, inform the CFR as soon as possible. The CFR can review their schedule to determine if the date can be moved. If not, the CFR would be happy to participate in your chapter function or attend the band event. CFR’s have attended band concerts, assisted with fundraisers, and participated in Ritual performances. You will just need to communicate ahead of time.

Do we need to assist the CFR with their hotel?

Nope! The CFR will take care of all of their own arrangements. The only thing you need to do is provide a visit schedule, the officer forms, and parking information.

What should we do if one of our officers can’t be there to meet?

We understand that you might have other commitments. If an officer is unavailable on the day of the visit, inform the CFR and still have the officer complete their respective officer form.

What should we do if our Director of Bands or Sponsor(s) can’t meet?

Inform the CFR as soon as possible. In this case the CFR will want to set up a phone or email conversation with your Director of Bands of Sponsor(s).

How formal do we need to dress for the visit?

No need to be formal. If you would like to dress professionally, that would be fine. The CFR will be dressed in business casual attire. Sometimes it helps if brothers wear letters so the CFR can identify you when they arrive on campus.

How are we supposed to fill out the Chapter Self-Analysis form?

This form is meant to be completed as a chapter. Set aside 45 minutes during a chapter meeting to discuss/complete the form. It is ok if there are disagreements about some of the answers.

Remember, we’re a phone call or email away.

Ask any questions you might have!

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