A. Frank Martin Award

Established in 1984 to recognize regionally known band directors and laymen who have made contributions to the band field. The award is named after A. Frank Martin who served as the first Grand President of the Fraternity from 1919-1921. Martin was then elected to the position of National Executive Secretary in 1939. Nominations for this award are accepted twice annually by the National Council by for consideration at the National Council meetings. Nominations are due by January 1 and July 1 and should include a letter of nomination with supporting documents.

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Award Recipients

1984 Donald R. Minx, Arkansas State University
1985 Benjamin J. Butler, Texas Southern University
1986 David Catron, Michigan State University
Stanley F. Michlaski, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Mel Montgomery, Stephen F. Austin State University
1988 Victor W. Zajec, VanderCook College
1989 George N. Parks, University of Massachusetts
1990 Eddie N. Green, University of Houston
Reid Poole, University of Florida
James R. Wells, West Chester University
1991 Gordon R. Goodwin, University of South Carolina
Christopher Haughee, Florida State University
Malcolm W. Rowell, Jr., University of Massachusetts
1992 Thomas P. Hannum, University of Massachusetts
Robert Jorgensen, University of Akron
Robert Spradling, Syracuse University
1993 Roy Johnson, Purdue University
1995 Robert W. Smith, James Madison Univ./Troy State Univ.
1996 Steven C. Nelson, Oklahoma State University
1997 William Brent, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
1999 Debra M. Eakins, West Virginia University
2000 Paula Holcomb, SUNY Fredonia
Bucky Johnson, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mike Pyatt, Armed Forces School of Music
2001 Malinda Matney, Wichita State University
Peter Murray, Miami University
2003 Michelle Kincheloe, University of Colorado
2005 Paul Patterson, Arizona State University
Lou Rusiski, University of Pittsburgh
Brent Cannon, Stephen F. Austin State University
2006 Dr. Brad McDavid, University of Washington
2007 Robert Grechesky, Butler University
Jeffrey G. Stone, Texas A&M Univ-Kingsville
Marie Burleigh, West Virginia University
2008 Michael K. Osborn, Michigan State University
Dr. Andrea Strauss, Georgia Institute of Technology
2010 William Posey, James Madison University
2011 Daniel A. George, University of Texas at Arlington
Dr. Kirk Randazzo, University of South Carolina
Dale Croston, Oklahoma State University
2013 Derrick Mills, Ohio State University
2014 Eric Morson, University of Connecticut
2015 Rod Whiteman, Butler University
Anthony Falcone, University of Nebraska
Denali Pearce-Alt, Missouri State University
Dr. John M. Laverty, Syracuse University
2016 Dr. Douglas Keiser, Indiana State University
John Hendricks, III, West Virginia University
2017 Tanya Marsh, Arizona State University
Dr. Craig Aarhus, Mississippi State University
Chris D. Joyce, Howard Payne University
2018 Amy Heavilin, University of Akron
Adam Mewhorter, East Central University
2019 Aaron Moore, Northeastern State University
2021 Abigail Johnson, Michigan State University
2023 Jennifer Taylor, East Central University & University of Arkansas
Clinton Wieden, Oklahoma State University
Tammi Ramsey, University of Akron
Daniel Miller, West Virginia University
2024 Ed Savoy, Lock Haven University & James Madison University
Michael Napolitano, Marist College