Programs Committee


Dr. Kirk Randazzo (ADVISOR) Zeta Chi
Teddy Howell (CO-CHAIR) Kappa Lambda
Ed Savoy (CO-CHAIR) Eta Alpha
Molly Kuchan Kappa Alpha
Abigail Douglas Beta Rho
Anthony Roscoe Alpha Omega
Russell House Gamma Pi
Byron Bryson Eta Omega
Mattie Awtrey Alpha
Melissa Bannon Nu Omicron
Darin Martin Nu
Dionicio Cardenas Alpha Psi
Bradley Hammett Zeta Xi
Carrie Anderson Kappa Iota
Mark Eutsler Lambda Lambda
Adam Connolly Kappa Alpha
James (Hunter) Moreland Kappa Mu
Josie Minor Iota Psi
Cynthia Cutler Beta Rho
JaRon Cook Delta Alpha
TJ Coleman Beta Lambda
Jenaya Burns Beta
Jennifer Besler Delta Upsilon
Reilly Hesseltine Epsilon Upsilon
Teresa Valdez Theta
Jenna Parsons Alpha Beta
Andrew Pearson Alpha Rho


Programs Committee Charges 2021-2023

  1. Provide support to chapters by answering questions via the email in a timely manner (within 72 hours).
  2. Launch the Founder’s Circle Leadership Development program by doing the following:
    1. Review and update the online materials (if needed)
    2. Create a plan for “relaunching and reeducating” students on the program
    3. Post materials on the national website for access
    4. Determine how students will become credentialed in the levels of the program 
    5. Launch an application process for a new pool of speakers
    6. Explore ideas on how chapters can request a Founder’s Circle Leadership speaker
  3. Assess chapters participation in current programs and awards to make an informed decision as to viability of the programs and identify changes that may need to be made.
  4. Create and send out media (emails, social media posts, etc) to all chapters, including Directors of Bands and Chapter Sponsors, educating members on national programs and awards, how the awards are selected/ nominated, and when the programs and awards take place/ are due.
  5. Explore ideas to celebrate service as one of our core ideals.
  6. Explore ideas on how we can better implement the pillars of Kappa Kappa Psi (Musicianship, Leadership, Service, and Brotherhood) at our conventions, in our membership education program, on our social media/website, or in other ways.
  7. Prepare a report for each quarter of the committee’s work to be shared with the National Council and posted on the National Website.