National Committee on DEIA


Chair Robert Bratcher Iota Zeta
Vice Chair Jayar Brenner Zeta Epsilon
Member (Alumni) Natasha Helme Kappa Delta
Member (Alumni) Joey Sacino Iota Kappa
Member (Alumni) Myles Raynor Eta Omega
Member (Alumni) Ally Price Gamma Nu
Member (Alumni) Joe Valdecañas Alpha Omega
Member (Alumni) Brittany Woodruff Pi
Member (Alumni) Aly Santos-Silva Nu Gamma
Member (Alumni) Michael Edwards Beta Sigma
Member (Alumni) Odion Mowoe Zeta Zeta
Member (Active) Julia Hopkins Nu
Member (Active) Katherine Mason Iota Omega
Member (Active) Sophie Martin Gamma
Member (Active) Alivia Holiman Lambda
Advisor Dr. William Lake Gamma Xi
Advisor Dr. Kevin James Zeta Eta
Advisor Marina Peña Guiot Kappa Mu/Nu Alpha
Advisor Daniel Miller Omicron
Ex-Officio Bang Co Alpha Zeta


  1. Member Outreach and Impact Assessment Subcommittee
    • Find more ways to promote member outreach and engagement to further understand how to improve the impact of our DEIA work on an individual, chapter, and district level.
    • Collaborate with active members, chapters, and districts to collect feedback, assess the effectiveness of DEIA initiatives, and implement improvements.
  2. Event Safety, Security, and Equity Protocol Development Subcommittee
    • Be more proactive in enhancing National event safety, security, and equity protocol through the development of clear policies.
    • Work on policies that promote inclusivity, diversity, and safety at all National events, ensuring they are accessible and welcoming to all members.
  3. External Collaboration and Guidance Subcommittee
    • Make efforts to reach out to external organizations that specialize in DEIA efforts, such as the Human Rights Campaign, to seek guidance and best practices.
    • Collaborate with external experts and organizations to align the Fraternity’s DEIA goals, practices, and procedures with industry standards.
  4. Member Experience and Expectations Subcommittee
    • Continue to have discussions with active members to understand their experiences and expectations related to diversity and inclusion within the organization.
    • Collaborate with the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) to develop and implement programs and workshops that address the specific needs and expectations of members in relation to DEIA.
  5. Training and Development Subcommittee
    • Make the “Our Diversity Matters” chapter a core and integral part of the Road to Wisdom curriculum.
    • Provide at least one (1) live training workshop once every three months.
    • Ensure that these workshops align with the National Biennium Plan as laid out by National President Bang Co and can be conducted as livestreams or in-person sessions at larger events such as district conventions.

Quarterly Reports