National Committee on Data & Assessment


Chair Chris Carpenter Omicron
Vice Chair Tammi Ramsey Zeta Omicron
Member (Alumni) Sarah Casias Xi
Member (Alumni) Abigail Johnson Zeta Epsilon
Member (Alumni) Kendrick Smith Kappa Lambda
Member (Alumni) Alison Beidler Eta Rho
Member (Alumni) Melvin Johnson-Norwood Kappa Lambda
Member (Alumni) Michael Bradford Calhoun Iota Zeta
Member (Alumni) Lukas Stelzle Epsilon Omega
Member (Alumni) Alexander Ollerton Gamma Kappa
Member (Alumni) Lea Sanchez Alpha
Member (Active) Michah Duckett Eta Gamma
Member (Active) Rose Rush Kappa Gamma
Member (Active) Tyler Irving Alpha Iota
Member (Active) Gibril Ouessiegnon Zeta Eta
Member (Active) Davis Vaughn Lambda
Advisor Aaron Moore Alpha Rho
Advisor Nicole Brooks Eta Sigma
Advisor Daniel Miller Omicron
Advisor Dr. Malinda Matney Nu
Ex-Officio Bang Co Alpha Zeta


  1. Media & Content Subcommittee
    • Collaborate with the National Headquarters Publications Manager to complete updates and changes to the National Website as directed by the National President.
    • Ensure that all data-related content on the website is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible to members.
  2. Biennial Climate Survey Subcommittee
    • Launch and analyze an updated biennial climate survey to gather feedback and insights from members about their experiences and perceptions within the organization.
    • Compile and present the survey results to the National Council for consideration in shaping future initiatives.
  3. Historical Data Subcommittee
    • Compile and review fraternal historical data, including membership data, to provide a comprehensive membership overview as part of the 2023-2025 biennial report.
    • Present historical trends and insights to assist in decision-making and strategic planning.
  4. DEIA Data Subcommittee
    • Collaborate with the DEIA committee to analyze membership demographic data to better understand efforts toward recruitment and retention.
    • Provide data-driven insights to support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives within the organization.
  5. Training and Development Subcommittee
    • Provide at least one (1) live training workshop once every three months.
    • Ensure that these workshops align with the National Biennium Plan as laid out by National President Bang Co and can be conducted as livestreams or in-person sessions at larger events such as district conventions.

Quarterly Reports