National Committee on Communications


Chair Mia Harvey Nu Zeta
Vice Chair Seferina Baca Gamma Iota
Member (Alumni) Eduardo Higareda Lambda Psi
Member (Alumni) Eli Partin Beta Omicron
Member (Alumni) Shamara Williams Lambda Eta
Member (Alumni) Elizabeth Duncan Nu Kappa
Member (Alumni) Winston Rogers Nu Omega
Member (Alumni) Eriek Childs Iota Zeta
Member (Alumni) Hannah Trezise Zeta Epsilon
Member (Alumni) Abigail Tropp Beta Omicron
Member (Alumni) Ari Wright Nu
Member (Alumni) Erika Goss Nu Zeta
Member (Active) Adriel Camacho Iota Xi
Member (Active) Noah Driehorst Beta Rho
Member (Active) Edgar Canales Lambda
Member (Active) Zuke Baker Iota Gamma
Advisor Thomas Bradford Honorary
Advisor Rebekah Franolich Alpha Omega
Advisor Dino Cardenas Alpha Psi
Advisor Dr. Nic Rorrer Eta Beta/Xi
Advisor Evan Thompson Zeta Chi
Ex-Officio Bang Co Alpha Zeta


  1. Research Subcommittee
    • Review, refine, and research methods of mass communication that are relevant to current Active members.
    • Collaborate with the Student Advisory and DEIA Committees to gather diverse perspectives from across all chapters regarding communication preferences and needs.
  2. Collaboration & Outreach Subcommittee
    • Collaborate with other Kappa Kappa Psi national committees and the Tau Beta Sigma communications team on social media campaigns.
    • Collaborate with Alumni Associations as needed to enhance social media presence and engagement.
  3. Data Collection & Reporting Subcommittee
    • Prepare a report for each quarter summarizing the committee’s work. These reports will be shared with the National Council and posted on the National Website (redacted if needed).
    • Manage and update the content on the National Website related to the committee’s initiatives and achievements.
  4. Committee Operations Subcommittee
    • Explore and expand the use of the Buffer social media platform software or determine a social media content manager that works best for the committee’s workflow.
    • Consider options that are financially reasonable while allowing for task assignments and reminders to individual contributors.
  5. Training and Development Subcommittee
    • Provide at least one (1) live training workshop once every three months.
    • Ensure that these workshops coincide with the National Biennium Plan as laid out by National President Bang Co and can be conducted as livestreams or in-person sessions at larger events such as district conventions.

Quarterly Reports