Curriculum Committee


Bang Co (ADVISOR) Alpha Zeta
Tammi Ramsey (CHAIR) Zeta Omicron
Briana McKinzie (VICE CHAIR) Alpha Eta
TJ Tooley Kappa Iota
Davis Vaughn Lambda
Kat Marek Mu Delta
Yoel Alperin Iota
Kiara Penn Epsilon Beta
Glenna Fulitano Epsilon Omega
Myles Raynor Eta Omega
Katie Waters Zeta Chi
Michael Coppola Kappa Upsilon
Paula Kyser Iota Lambda
Ayleen Sanchez Alpha Chi
Helen Capehart Eta Nu
Laura Borzellieri Lambda Delta
Hannah Cheeseman Delta
Jahkeem Grant Iota Xi
Ken Corbett Zeta Chi
Donald Lee Zeta Eta
Kyle Thompson Delta Upsilon
Jonathan Brown Iota Zeta
Alyssia Price Gamma Nu
Katelyn Cole Nu Gamma

Curriculum Committee Charges 2021-2023

  1. Assist and support chapters with the implementation of The Road to Wisdom by:
    1. Tracking and reviewing membership education calendars that include recruitment events through initiation.
    2. Tracking and reviewing submitted activities through the activity review process.
    3. Finishing and launching the activity review database for chapters to access and search submitted activities.
    4. Answering questions via the email in a timely manner (within 72 hours).
  2. Work collaboratively with the DEIA committee to add an “Our Diversity Matters” lesson to the Road to Wisdom that highlights both our history and growth as an organization over time, as well as the current variety of chapters and brothers throughout the nation.
  3. Create resources for chapters to use for recruitment, including information on values based recruitment, passive vs. active recruitment, videos, pdfs, infographics, workshops, and a compiled list of approved recruitment events.
  4. Develop and host workshops each semester/and or during district conventions for the Brotherhood:
    1. “How to Serve as Chapter VPM”
    2. “Best Practices and Teaching Tips for Implementing the Road to Wisdom”
  5. Using feedback from Brothers, make annual improvements to “The Road to Wisdom” in line with the learning outcomes for the program.
  6. Prepare a report for each quarter of the committee’s work to be shared with the National Council and posted on the National Website.