Chapter Operations Task Force


Nicole Brooks (ADVISOR) Eta Sigma
Andy Melvin (CHAIR) Delta
Jacob Welper (VICE CHAIR) Iota Omega
Clint Wieden Alpha
Jennifer Taylor Gamma Theta
Evan Choy Kappa Gamma
Jensen Amens Theta
Justin Jensen Beta Kappa
Ryan Malburg Zeta Epsilon
Kimberly Ahokas Kappa Eta
Victoria Liu Nu
Hannah May Beta Rho
Chase Arrington Iota Zeta
Michael Blander Iota Delta
Hunter Murphy Iota Alpha
Zara Simpson TBS – Beta Eta
Latrondrick Hunter Zeta Eta
Miranda Cook Omicron
Terrence Rogers Eta Kappa
Alvario Smith Theta Omicron
Jaydee Griffith Xi
Lea Sanchez Alpha
Patrick Caraveo Alpha Chi
Kristen Davis Nu Gamma
Christopher Moore Iota Omicron
Brianna Heath Eta
Devin Wolcott Iota Psi
Cynthia Tyra Iota Alpha
Michael Jackman Nu Nu
Jake January Alpha
Kennedy Struck Mu Nu


Chapter Operations Committee Charges 2021-2023

  1. Provide support to chapters by answering questions via the email in a timely manner (within 72 hours).
  2. Create resources (videos, PDFs, powerpoints, etc) to assist chapters with various aspects of chapter operations and post them on the National website.
  3. Review the chapter officers handbooks, and make edits, revisions, or other changes so that these materials will be utilized.
  4. Create a training plan (materials, lessons, and/or workshop) for the following chapter officer positions:
    1. Chapter President
    2. Chapter Vice President of Service/Service Chair
    3. Chapter Treasurer
    4. Chapter Secretary
    5. Chapter Historian
  5. Prepare a report for each quarter of the committee’s work to be shared with the National Council and posted on the National Website (redacted if needed).


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